Monday, August 29, 2011

Another One

Thank heavens (even if they are cloudy) for long weekends. I managed to scrap two more layouts today. This one that I am sharing with you is based on a sketch from My Scraps and More.

You'll notice that I'm scrapping old pictures. That's because I decided to stop lying to myself. How can I claim that I don't have photos to scrap when I have boxes upon boxes of them? I now realize that a good photo doesn't mean that it had to be taken by a digital camera and photoshopped until it doesn't look anything like the original. My old photo prints are still scrappable and memorable.

Too Many Cars

That's one hangup down. Next post I'll tell you about another excuse I've been using not to scrap and how I beat it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Easing Back into Scrapping

Sketches really helped me alot when I started scrapping in 2006. While I have earned some confidence to start from scratch since then, sketches are still very much part of my scrapbooking. So now that I have taken up this hobby again after more than a year of hiatus, a popular sketch blog was my first resource.

This is Sketch 53 of the Sketchabilities blog. I have never tried any of their sketches before but now that I have, I'm planning to go back to their very first sketch and use all 52 for my layouts. Hey, now that I'm back, I'm on a roll.
And here is my interpretation:
Swimming Lessons
Now excuse me while I go back in the other room. I feel a scrap coming on.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jump Starting Creativity

After a looong hiatus, this scrapper is back. I make no excuses, except to say that scrapbooking was never far from my mind but it just never was a priority in the past months. I haven't scrapped for a year and when I finally ventured inside my scraproom, dust covered all my supplies. My acrylic paints and ink pads have dried up, much like any well of creativity I might have had since I started scrapping. It's a good thing that scrapbooking paper are acid free so they wouldn't yellow. And yes, vintage is back, so my old supplies should fit right in.
I haven't taken too many photos this past year either, but I had boxes of unscrapped photos from the late 1990s. So if you see older photos of my KiDS in my layouts, that's because I'm starting from the very beginning when photos were not yet digital.
Anyway, to make a long blog post short, my friends from Pinoy Scrapbookers decided to have an EB, in celebration of our presence in Facebook. I have been with these wonderful people since I started scrapping and it was great to renew the passion with them again.
So finally sharing a few layouts in this blog. Results of that August 13 afternoon.
Thomas & Me
Ingenium Grade 3
Flower Girl

I'm still easing into things so these layouts are relatively simple. I won't describe my scrapbooking process anymore - nothing really complicated went on. I just wanted to be able to scrap a few.

Thanks for looking.