Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Recap

OK, might as well do this a day earlier while I still have internet and I really doubt I'm gonna be able to scrap anything else tonight. Tomorrow I will have to scrap my sample LO for the Kaya 12 challenge and that's coming out April, so watch out for that.

Four target layouts this month and I actually scrapped (drum roll, please....) ta-daan... 8 layouts. I've posted some here and here.

I still have to share this, which was supposed to be my second entry to Lasting Impression's Webster's Pages challenge. It was too late for the deadline but since I had everything planned in my head, I made it anyway.


The Grand Carousel was your favorite ride at the Enchanted Kingdom. You even had a favorite pony - the yellow one with the flowers on its bridle. After each ride, you rushed to line up again...and again...over and over. Until finalyy, I, who had to ride with you innumerable times, finally said, "No more." - Mama (3/1/08)

PPS - Webster's Pages, Diecuts - Cuttlebug, Sizzix Bigz; Stamps - Prima, Fancy Pants; Ink - Tsukineko; Rubons - Webster's Pages; Glitter - Martha Stewart; Ric Rac - Joan; Tag - K & Co.; Pen - Staedtler; Adhesives - Saunders.

You already know that against all odds (so many beautiful LOs in the gallery), "Adore" placed second in the challenge. :-)

And this is my take on Mia's challenge to use blings on a layout about your entertainment idol. I decided to go for an old college crush so I could also scrap my old photos. Yup! That scrawny youth in the pics is me. Those were the days... Not only did I use old photos, that is the actual Rick Springfield cutout that was on my red memo board (see bottom photo closely).


In college, I had a major crush on Rick Springfield. I had his posters plastered on my dorm walls. I cut out his pictures from Jingle Song Hits. He watched over me as I studied and slept. I played his cassette tape out louad until my dorm mates complained. I even rented his movie "Hard to Hold" and saw it over and over on my cousin Benjo's betamax. He was so handsome and sexy and when he sings "Jessie's Girl" with fire and passion, I wished I was going out with a boy named Jessie.

PPS - DCWV (Retro and Glitter packs); Glitter - Stickles; Paint - MM Glitter Glaze; Diecut - Cuttlebug; Pen - Uniball Signo; Adhesives - UHU glue.

I scrapped another layout that I can't reveal as yet until it's posted in the gallery I submitted it to. I can hardly wait until it's April 1 in the U.S. But I can't resist to share SHE described my LO is "beautiful." I'm sure she tells everyone that, but let's pretend for just one minute that it's just to me. Hahaha.

Speaking of which, I just realised I haven't posted my take on the PS round robin challenge. You can see all the interesting takes on CV's initial challenge in Scrapbytes.


Sarah and kahlo enjoy a raremoment away from Mama's camera as they share the wonder of discovering Winnie the Pooh's tree trunk at Clark Airbase picnic grounds.

CS - DCWV; PPS - SEI, EK Success; Stamp - Inque Boutique; Ink - Clearsnap; Ribbon and tag- unknown; ATB paper tagger; Acrylic embellishment - Japan Home; Diecut - unknown; Pen - Staedtler; Adhesive - Saunders.

I knew before I passed it on the next robin that this LO looked half-baked (that unmatted photo in the bottom and the title bother me) but I didn't want it to get stuck with me. I've had for 3 days already and I didn't want to keep the next scrapper waiting.

And I thought I'd share an LO I did last year but never got the courage to share. You might call it a lesson in "how not to use walnut ink spray." LOL.


This was supposed to be a clean and simple layout but when I finished, it was just too clean. So I thought I'd liven things up a bit by spraying Walnut Ink at the bottom. The problem with walnut ink is, once it touches your medium, you cannot wipe it off or even smudge it. See the concentric circles? That's the exact way the ink spurted out of my spray. I should have masked the photo to protect it from too much spray. Or, as Marian suggested, used foam to just smudge ink on the places I wanted it on.

CS - DCWV; PPS - Creative Inaginations, Fancy Pants; Diecuts - 3 Bugs in a Rug; Stamps - Inque Boutique, Autumn Leaves; Ink - Clearsnap, Tsukineko; Stickers - Joan.

On the homefront, my middle DD turned 8 and my youngest DD graduated from Prep. We had our first camping activity as a family albeit with the other gradeschool students and in school compound. And hurray for summer vacation!!!


"Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs."

All this week I had been looking forward catching up on e-mail, surfing the net, chatting with my friends, all in the comfort of my home. After a hectic week reviewing the KiDS for their final exams, camping in school with the boy and girl scouts, attending Kahlo's graduation, I was craving for some internet time. But, alas!

There was something wrong with my cable connection and I couldn't log on. I was informed that it would be fixed next week. No internet??? Death to ZPDee!!!

So this morning I begged my DH to take me with him to his studio. I usually beg him to please let me stay at home. For at least in his studio I could catch some wi-fi signal and connect. I needed to upload my Kaya 11 challenge entry and inform the core team of the next challenge. So here I am, in the last place I want to be.

I finished answering my e-mail and uploading/downloading any stuff that needed work and yet I am still here. This is the part that I hate the most. Waiting for DH to wrap up his work so we can go home. It's been like this everyday for the past few months.

I can almost hear Alanis Morissette singing in the background, "Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Resurrection

Happy Easter everybody! Hope in the midst of all the easter eggs, bunnies, and candies, we take time to reflect on the real significance of this day.

And now, after that public service announcement...I'm baaack...Well, not really. I just have this urge to share with you the layouts I have been working on the past few weeks and I can't wait until the Monthly Recap. I have a few minutes left before I go back to reviewing the KiDS for their final exams, so here I am. Yup! We still have classes next week. It's really a bummer because the KiDS are already in a vacation mood and nothing seems to be entering their cake and coke (the softdrinks) induced minds right now. It was Sarah's 8th birthday yesterday, so they have a surfeit of sweets.

I started scrapping with an easy LO. Easy, in the sense that I just wanted this photo scrapped with the most minimum fuss possible. I look at it and want to put it back in the scrapping table but so far, I am managing to exercise remarkable constraint.


I know you think it's really kitcsh to have our photo taken under a tree. But seeing how few photos we have together, I'll take all I can get even if it's baduy.

PPS - Autumn Leaves, Cosmo Cricket; Flower - Prima; Brad - Karen Foster; Stamps - Inque Boutique, Bam Pop, Inkadinkadoo; Ink Pads - Clearsnap, Staz-on; Pen - Uni-ball; Lace - unknown; Adhesive - UHU.

Still feeling easy, I worked on this next. Finally! This has been in my pending stack since before the Idol contest last year. Yup! This was our practice run for the contest finals and I just finished it this month. Talk about backlog. I couldn't finish it before because I couldn't think of a confession that would go well with the photo I had chosen. Well, I'm glad I waited because the perfect journaling came to mind just recently.

I Confess...

To you my dearest Kahlo Julia. That I like having you sleep beside me. From the day you were born 'til now that you are 6. I love the way you snuggle up to me for warmth. I love the sweet smell of your hair. I will never tire of kissing your soft cheeks. I love whispering "I love you" in your ear. And I especially love how, even in your deepest slumber, you will turn to me and whisper "I love you, too, right back. Love, Mama. 3/15/08

Materials (all courtesy of Visual Creations):
PPS - American Crafts, 7 Gypsies, My Mind's Eye; Ribbon - American Crafts; Stickers - 7 Gysies, Joan, EK Success; Pen - Staedtler; Ink - Adhesive - UHU.

The following layouts are based on Becky Fleck's PageMaps. I have redicovered an appreciation for the Maps. They certainly make my scrapbooking life easier and faster without hindering my creativity. Since my goal is now to scrap as many layouts as I can in the limited time I have, they sure come in handy. I now spend the whole week preparing - choosing, resizing and printing my photos - to scrap on the weekends.


No matter how hard you insist now that you hate your sister because she always bugs you, I know you know, that deep in your heart you love her deeply. So it was when you were four. So it is now that you are ten. Nothing - not even a broken toy, a torn comic book or any other perceived offense can ever change that. When you are upset or angry with her, remember these moments. Search your heart, count to ten, and you will find the reasons why you two are brother and sister. I know you will always love and look out for your younger sister.

(OK - I will admit I rambled on a bit, trying to fill that space in the middle. And I'm too lazy and cheap to turn on the computer and printer for the journaling so pardon my handwriting.)

PPS - Prima; Chipboard - American Crafts; Stamps - Autumn Leaves; Ink - Clearsnap, Tsukineko; Embossing Powder - Ranger; Acrylic Paint - Li'l Davis; Fabric Paint - Tulip; Ribbon - Unknown; Pen - Staedtler; Adhesives - UHU.


Bubble 1 - Free time during class! I'm glad Teacher Jason understands we can't be serious students all the time.

Bubble 2 - So! This is what you do in computer class. You borrowed my camera for a class project and I was pleasantly surprised to find these photos of you, your classmates and teachers goofing areound. Truly, learning is fun!

Bubble 3 - Diego - you're a GEEK. But you are a funny GEEK.

PPS - Basic Grey, Bam Pop; Diecut - unknown; Cuttlebug; Ribbon - Joans; Stickers - Joan; Ink - Clearsnap, Tsukineko; Pen - Statedler; Adhesive - UHU; Foam - Darice

I hope I can still scrap next weekend before the month ends. 'Til next. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pick of the Day

So this is what it feels like to be POTD in a forum where nobody really knows you. My layout was chosen as POTD over at Serendipity Scrapbooks last March 19. And I didn't even know. It was my first time to visit their site and I thought at first my upload didn't go through, but it did.

Here are the comments from the lovely ladies over there.

This is the layout which I made last March 15. I guess this can't wait until the monthly recap. :-)

If it looks a bit familiar, it's because I used the remaining Jenni Bowlin papers from my Kaya 10 entry.

This photo was, again, taken by my Kahlo. She was only 4 1/2 years old then. Scrapbooking moms must train their children to use the camera as soon as they can handle a sippy cup with steady hands. Hahaha.

Journaling on hidden tag behind photo reads: At 40, I still have dreams that have yet to come true. I dream of being a published writer and photographer. I dream of becoming the best wife and mother to my "dreams come true" - my husband and our three kids. I believe my other dreams will soon be realities. It's just a matter of time. They will come true.

Materials: PPS - Jenni Bowlin; Chipboard - Americam Crafts distressed with Li'l Davis acrylic paint; Chalks - Craf-T; Daisy D's rubon; Ink - Ranger, Clearsnap; Pen - Staedtler; Adhesive - UHU; Lace and lock and key - unknown

Viernes Santo (Not Really!)

Here in the Philippines, when you say "mukha kang Byernes Santo", it means the person you are talking to is sad or gloomy. Well, I was hardly gloomy yesterday. In fact, I was inappropriately (given that it was Good Friday) ecstatic.

I only turned on my computer to retrieve a document when I saw an offline message from Nina. She was congratulating me for winning in the Lasting Impression Websters' Pages challenge. I immediately checked the PS egroup if there was an announcement but it was a slow day at the board, given that it is the Holy Week break, and there were few posters. None of them Maybs or April, DTs of Lasting. I began wondering if too much KFC and McDonalds in Taiwan made Nina delusional until I saw the official announcement here.

I was happy to be one of the winners and even happier to see the names of my friends Nita and Cookie. Cookie was online so I immediately buzzed her. Nita wasn't so I called her up on her cellphone to give her the good news. She thought I was joking. I said, it's not April 1. She responded everyday is April Fool's for me. Now I was getting irritated that she wouldn't share my excitement, so I told her would I be wasting my precious free calls calling you? She said she would believe it when she saw it and unfortunately for my credibility, they just had a brownout at their house and she couldn't connect to the internet. She had to call Au, who had to confirm it to her. Hahaha.

My layout Adore placed second. Here is what Brandin O'Neill, owner of Webster's Pages had to say about my entry.

"Scrapbooking doesn’t always have to be feminine and we love when men are brought into the pages. We love to see the masculine interpretation of our papers while keeping the subject delicate and gentle. That’s how we like our papers interpreted."

Well, I loved working these photos and papers, too. Truth is, I have had these papers since last year, and it was only after Candy persuaded me to join the challenge (thanks Candy) that I found the perfect photos to go with them. Even if I had not won, I would be quite content with the fact that I captured and scrapped these precious interaction between my DH and youngest DD.

These were taken while we were in line inside The Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom. The light wasn't very good, but I couldn't resist taking the photos. DH and Kahlo were unaware that I was taking photos of them, until I called them to smile for the camera (third photo). See that bemused look on their faces? It was like they were in their own world and I rudely interrupted them. But they still obliged with smiles. (This scrapbooker trained them well. Hehe.)

The photos were a bit blurred but when I converted them to sepia, they were perfect. Here's the original photo.

It was just too orange so I changed the colors. I don't use flash and my WB is always set to auto. No time to twiddle with controls if I hope to capture fleeting moments like these. But I do compose my shot through the viewfinder before I click so I don't have to crop in Photoshop. Less work that way. :-)

I had second thoughts about using the three photos when I saw the other entries. A big blowup of the first photo would have made a similar impact as the other beautiful LOs in the gallery. But I wanted to scrap the two other supporting photos as well and in the end I was quite happy how it turned out.

I was mesmerized by the look in my DD's face that I couldn't think of any other title than Adore. It really seemed appropriate. I kept the journaling short and sweet, too. Anything more would've been superfluous.

BTW, this is my first local challenge win. I couldn't be happier that it was this particular LO.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Internet Disconnect

I miss blogging and blog-hopping. I love visiting my friends' blogs, learning the latest and getting inspired by their words and works. But recently, I haven't been online much. And strangely, while I missed it, I also lived without it.

It wasn't so much a conscious attempt to disconnect from the internet in the first place. But when I am in my DH's studio, I am forced to hijack wi-fi from the neighbors. It's a good day when I can send and receive YM messages. The connection is so low I can't even check my e-mail. Sometimes I go to my brother-in-law's house (which is in the same compound) so I can get a stronger signal. But I stopped doing that when I overheard him and his wife talking about a nasty spirit that lives in their DS's room. I am not that desperate for a signal.

And then we usually get home so late that I am just too tired to turn on the wi-fi, turn on my computer, and surf. I sleep as early as 10:00 PM now, would you believe. My DH likes it that way. He always complained that I let time get away from me when I'm in front of my computer. He used to ask how I could expect to discipline the KiDS regarding Playstation and Nintendo time when I couldn't even discipline myself regarding computer time. He particularly hated it when he woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find me still at it. He had a hard time waking me up in the mornings and he blamed my lack of sleep on too much internet.

So by force of circumstances, and my DH's powerful personality (wink) I spend less time on the internet. I thought I'd miss it. But I didn't, really.

I now spend more quality time with my KiDS, going over their homeworks, reading books, or any other fun activity they can think of as we wind down to sleep.

I started reading books again. I used to read one book a week. Less when the babies started coming, and then I stopped when I started scrapbooking. I scrapped rather than read.

I am less tired. It may not seem a very physical activity but surfing the internet can be very tiring.

I feel freer. I always felt obliged to respond to every e-mail in my inbox but then I realized the word wouldn't stop turning if I didn't. My apologies if you are still waiting for a response from me. You can always buzz me at YM. :-)

And most importantly, I am spending more time scrapping. It also helped that I reconciled myself with the fact that I do not have to scrap everyday. I used to get so stressed out thinking I should have done a layout even if I was tired from running errands the whole day. So now I scrap every weekend, away from the computer. And oh, yes, I let my KiDS have their Playstation and Nintendo time. That way they won 't bother me as I scrapped (bad mama.) I am more productive now. And wasn't that the purpose of my constantly blogging and blog-hopping?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where in the World is Ninoy?

Remember this?

It used to loom over Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue in Makati City. Then it was moved to Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac City for feng shui reasons. Urban legend has it that the statue's posture (stumbling) and the number of steps (four - signifying death) augured bad luck to the country's premier financial district. Thus, it was moved to the Cojuangcos' Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac. I guess they are not afraid of bad feng shui or they really do care more about family, bad luck or not. Look at how they always rally around Kris Aquino, har-har.

But then, when we went home last March 2, I was intrigued to note this:


Some idiot or idiots moved him in Cut Cut I and made him sit.

Now, this bothers me. Extremely. I am not sure if the masterminds behind this even have the permission of the artist. If you were the artist, would you like your masterpiece to be vandalized like this? And yes, it is vandalism because Ninoy sitting on a bench is not the artist's original vision and execution. The artist's vision was to depict that exact moment in history when Ninoy was gunned down to his death. Many didn't like this particular interpretation of a snippet of history so the statue was first, relocated and now, disassembled and re-assembled into its current form.

This statue is now the butt of jokes in Tarlac. Some say Ninoy got tired and walked away to just sit on his butt and rest. Others say he looks like he is driving a right-hand drive vehicle, the way his arms and legs are posed. And someone has made lechon manok out of the bird, some jest. I say, they should have left well enough alone. It was not even nicely executed. Coming from the highway, you see a round white lamp aligned perfectly with Ninoy's crotch. It's a mockery of everything Ninoy stood for. Public art is paid for by public taxes but let's respect them and the artists' rights, shall we?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Scrappin' Fundraiser

WHAT : Scrap, Share and Shop for a Cause
WHEN: March 8, 2008 (Saturday), from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
WHERE: Centro Montessori, 49 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, QC
WHY: To benefit the Carmelite nuns of Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac. The funds raised will go to finishing the construction of their chapel which currently lacks walls and a permanent roof.

1. Simply join us on March 8 for a day of scrapbooking, sharing of ideas and techniques, and shopping for scrapbooking goodies. Invite your friends, scrappers or otherwise, to be with us on the day.

2. Buy tickets! For only P150, you get a catered lunch and merienda, the opportunity to win exciting raffle prizes, buy scrapbooking items at cost (or less), and watch demos from the best scrapbookers in the country. If you can't attend but buy tickets, your P150 still goes to charity.

3. Make everyday cards (any day theme cards). These cards will be used by the Carmelite nuns to reach out to other potential donors. Cards will be collected starting March 8 to April 30, 2008. Envelopes will be provided, so you need to make your cards fit the size 6 of the baronial envelopes (5X6 inches actual size of the envelope). Make your cards no more than 4 3/4" x 5 3/4" inches in size. For every 5 cards donated, you'll be entitled to a raffle of some scrapping goodies -our way of saying thank you for your support.

4. Refer individuals and corporations that might be interested in giving donations so the Carmelite nuns can write directly to them. All donations, in cash or kind, are tax-deductible.

5. Donate scrapbooking materials that can be included in the auction. All auction earnings will go to the fund. We have many generous individuals who have shared their blessings with us.

6. Bid in the auction of scrapbooking materials. The starting prices are at 50%-60% off retail price. As all auctions go, the item will go to the highest bidder. There will a P50 increment in the bidding. All auction proceeds will go to the fund.

So far, the following items are up for bid. All items brand new. Additional items will be announced later.

a. Cricut electronic die-cutting machine - P3,500

b. Prima Flowers (6 bottles with rack) - P800.00

c. Fiskars Crop Bag - P800.00

d. EK Success Blade Runner w/glass mat - P200.00

e. Autumn Leaves ClearStamps (Flourishes v:I) and (Swirls v:I) - P400 each

f. Stampin ' Up Friends and Flowers Scrapbooking Kit - P300

f. Stemma Paper Packs

Kit 1 - P350

Kit 2 - P350

Kit 3 - P400

g. Scrapbooking Caddy - P200

h. Cosmo Cricket Biography 101 8" black leather album/shadow box/case- P1,150

i. Creative Imaginations Alpha Foam Stamp - P310

j. AMM Totally Cool Tote lime green - P350
7. Give your friends, relatives or yourself the gift of a layout made especially by your scrapping inspirations. Bid for their scrapbooking services starting at P250 per creation. Materials will be provided by the organizers. All you have to do is provide your favorite scrapper with photos to scrap. We will help you reach an agreement with the scrapper as to when you should expect the finished LOs. So far, the following have agreed to participate in this silent auction. Please do visit their blogs and galleries and be amazed by their creativity.

a. Iris Uy
b. Pia Lopez
c. Ria Mojica
d. Cabbie Jane Lopez
e. Cookie Aguilar
f. Issa Lucido
g. Dr. Rita Vergara
h. and others to be announced later

8. Join the scrapping challenge in the afternoon. Purchase a kit (contains 4 pieces of K&CO papers) for P100 only.
a. Challenge Theme - Acts of Charity (or ways of Helping Others Outside the Home)
b. Photo Requirements - Bring at least 1 photo, any size
c. Materials Requirements - papers used must be from the challenge kit, scrappers can add any other elements they want
d. Judging - will be done by the Scrappin' Moms
e. Please bring your basic scrapbooking supplies like glue, scissors, etc.

9. Shop from the scrapbooking stores who will be joining us for this event. You do not have to visit their stores as we invited them all to better serve you. The stores have generously contributed to the cause already just by participating so please show your appreciation by buying. Many store items will be on sale! Also, expect many new items for sale.

a. Visual Creations
b. Studio Azul
c. Memory Lane
d. Scrapbukan
e. Rekindled Moments

10. Donate in cash. There will be a donation box at the registration table during the event.

Thank you very much for your generosity. In return, we promise a fun-filled day with lots of delicious lunch and merienda, door prizes, challenge rewards and lots of shopping. Tickets will also be sold at the venue.

Please e-mail me at for more details.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

February Recap

This month....

I am taking baby steps towards a new career. I will tell you more about it once I am taking more confident strides.

We celebrated birthdays - lots of them. Kahlo turned 6 and Diego turned 10. My babies are not babies anymore. By a strange coincidence, all of my MIL's 3 balaes celebrate their birthdays in February. My mom's b-day is on Feb. 27 and my MIL's b-day is on the 26th. We celebrated MIL's b-day last Sunday with her friends. We were scheduled to go home to Tarlac to be with my own mom, but since MIL had a major surgery scheduled after her b-day, I prevailed upon my mom to hold her celebration tomorrow.

Some scrapping friends (Lindy, Candy, Rachelle, Khei, Jenn, Cookie, Liza) and I volunteered to organize an event called Scrap, Share and Shop - for the benefit of the Carmelite nuns in Tarlac, who need help to finish their chapel. So we have been exchanging notes via email, meeting and having ocular inspections of scrapbook stores (cha-ching!)

I did get to scrap some layouts. Once I reconciled myself with the fact that I could only get to scrap during the weekends, I breathed easier. No more pressure that I have to scrap everytime I find myself with precious free time, as few as they are far between.

This February target - 4 layouts.

I (Heart Candy)

My entry to Studio Azul's sketch challenge. The sketch was made by dear friend Au Lim. It's a great sketch to work with. I've had the b&w photo of Kahlo for the longest time and I just had to add three more small photos. Thank God for Adobe Photoshop for making it easy to crop the perfect size needed.

You are a regular candy monster! You love sweets so much you are willing to risk tooth decay for just a taste of heart-shaped swits.

Materials Used:
CS - DCWV; PPS - Prima; Chipboard - Craft Express, Fancy Pants, Best Buy; Die-cut - Sizzix; Buttons - Autumn Leaves; Glitter - Making Memories; Acrylic paint - Making Memories; Adjesives - UHU glue, Zots, Krylon Fixatif; Ink Pad - Colorbox; Pen - Staedtler Tri-plus.

I have had these Webster's Pages papers since middle of last year, I think. And it took a challenge for me to actually bring them out. I just added the prerequisite stickers and voila! Notice the hand-cutting? It will be awhile before I attempt anything like that again. I just love these photos of Kahlo and DH. I could have written a more lengthy title or journaling but somehow the photos seem to say it all.

I wonder who adores who more? Your love for each other is quite palpable.

You were made perfectly to be loved - and surely I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Materials Used:
Papers - DCWV carstock, Webster's Pages Parlor Collection (Savory and Picnic), Deja Views; Stickers - Webster's Pages; Ink - Tsukineko, Colorbox; Photo turn/corners/brad - We R Memory Keepers; Foam - Darice; Adhesives - UHU glue, Zots; Ribbon - unknown.

Game On - Touching is Good
"Touching is Good!" is the Nintendo slogan for the DS Lite, and I think it's perfect for these moments when the KiDS are huddled together over an activity. A simple layout for sure but I had lots of fun doodling on the arrows with fabric paint.

A rare moment of peace. Ever since your Lola Mama gave you this Nintendo DS Lite for X'mas, you fought over who plays first, who got to play the longest, who has more points. But there are times the game gets you so absorbed you forget to fight.

American Crafts - Sixth Avenue PPS, Frank mini-marks rub-ons, Latte thickers, Playhouse plastic arrows. Others - DCWV CS, Tulip fabric paint, Hambly rub-on, Autumn Leaves stamp, Colorbox ink, UHU glue, Uni-ball Signo pen.

Sarah Sweet
This is my Kaya 10 all digital entry. I did this one afternoon while waiting for the KiDS in school. That's the beauty of digital scrapbooking. You can scrap anywhere, no fuss, no mess. Just two chocolate wrappers. :-) I had fun discovering new tools in Photoshop. I've always liked the look of big photos in layouts but have never attempted it on traditional. It's cheaper by far to do it digitally. LOL.

You always look at the world through rose-colored glasses. I know that soon you will outgrow your childlike innocence but I hope you continue to be sweet and embrace everything with bright-eyed wonder.

Materials Used:
Danielle Young's Springtime Kit, Fonts from Shabby Princess, Others are Fiorex and Gigi.

Time Flies Altered Clock
This is actually my third altered clock. I don't have a photo of my second (which I gave to the KiDS' piano teacher last Christmas. I rushed it while they were having their lessons downstairs. As soon as the music stopped playing, I knew my time was up and I didn't even get the chance to get a photo.)

American Crafts - paper, diecuts, rubons. Others - Autumn Leaves stamp, Creative Imagination stickers, Karen Foster brads, UGU glue.

Much Awaited Altered Clock

Okay, I really finished this last December but I had never posted it. This is my first altered clock which I made with lots of online help from Cookie and Liza. I was just happy when I finished and heard that ticking sound. I was half-afraid it wouldn't work. I gave this to my inaanak, Kayin, who's African name translates to "much awaited."

And well, what do you know, I finished another layout earlier today. It was supposed to be my second Webster's Papers entry which I never got around to doing because of RWR (real world responsibilities.) But since DH has my scanner, maybe I could post that with the March layouts. Just in case I am not as productive next month. Hehehe.