Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where in the World is Ninoy?

Remember this?

It used to loom over Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue in Makati City. Then it was moved to Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac City for feng shui reasons. Urban legend has it that the statue's posture (stumbling) and the number of steps (four - signifying death) augured bad luck to the country's premier financial district. Thus, it was moved to the Cojuangcos' Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac. I guess they are not afraid of bad feng shui or they really do care more about family, bad luck or not. Look at how they always rally around Kris Aquino, har-har.

But then, when we went home last March 2, I was intrigued to note this:


Some idiot or idiots moved him in Cut Cut I and made him sit.

Now, this bothers me. Extremely. I am not sure if the masterminds behind this even have the permission of the artist. If you were the artist, would you like your masterpiece to be vandalized like this? And yes, it is vandalism because Ninoy sitting on a bench is not the artist's original vision and execution. The artist's vision was to depict that exact moment in history when Ninoy was gunned down to his death. Many didn't like this particular interpretation of a snippet of history so the statue was first, relocated and now, disassembled and re-assembled into its current form.

This statue is now the butt of jokes in Tarlac. Some say Ninoy got tired and walked away to just sit on his butt and rest. Others say he looks like he is driving a right-hand drive vehicle, the way his arms and legs are posed. And someone has made lechon manok out of the bird, some jest. I say, they should have left well enough alone. It was not even nicely executed. Coming from the highway, you see a round white lamp aligned perfectly with Ninoy's crotch. It's a mockery of everything Ninoy stood for. Public art is paid for by public taxes but let's respect them and the artists' rights, shall we?


Airees said...

Hi Lee! I totally agree with you when you said about respecting the artist's work! Kung ako yung artist na gumawa nun, mabuti pa bilhin ko na lang ulet yung statue kesa ganyan lang ang gawin kay Ninoy! :)
I'm eager to know your new career ha. :)

the dreamer said...

Oh my gosh. Sacrilege! =(

I know from personal experience how it feels to have something you created massacred so I can imagine how much this will anger the artist who made it.

Ironically, I think it reflects the apathy and safe politics being employed nowadays in RP. Ninoy's fall down the flight of steps inspired a revolution. And now it looks like they're determined to pretend that part of history never happened. Maybe kasi pagod na din talaga ang mga tao so even the people are sitting it out in politics, pun intended.

Did you hear about the commissioned mural of the Philippine Press Club that they "de-politicized" kasi bibisita si PGMA?


CraftFairy said...

sinong @#?! ang may kagagawan nito???!!!!

Where in the world is Ninoy? He's still in my heart!

jenn said...

Alam mo...this is one of my sister's favorite landmarks in Tarlac. Di talaga siya natutulog sa bus hanggat di niya to sadly, kami rin badtrip. hay!

see you on wednesday!

C70 said...

Oh my. That is truly disrespectful, what they did to Ninoy. Is Cory not doing anything about this?

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I.R. Arenas said...

I used to see that statue while on a bus. I think the statue (well, the original rendition) was by Anastacio caedo. If that used to be in Ayala-Paseo, definitely it was by Caedo.

I am appalled learning what they did to the statue. That is a "blasphemy" against the artist! Well, Prof. Caedo died in 1990 so he could not have known that.

Really sad.