Thursday, March 20, 2008

Internet Disconnect

I miss blogging and blog-hopping. I love visiting my friends' blogs, learning the latest and getting inspired by their words and works. But recently, I haven't been online much. And strangely, while I missed it, I also lived without it.

It wasn't so much a conscious attempt to disconnect from the internet in the first place. But when I am in my DH's studio, I am forced to hijack wi-fi from the neighbors. It's a good day when I can send and receive YM messages. The connection is so low I can't even check my e-mail. Sometimes I go to my brother-in-law's house (which is in the same compound) so I can get a stronger signal. But I stopped doing that when I overheard him and his wife talking about a nasty spirit that lives in their DS's room. I am not that desperate for a signal.

And then we usually get home so late that I am just too tired to turn on the wi-fi, turn on my computer, and surf. I sleep as early as 10:00 PM now, would you believe. My DH likes it that way. He always complained that I let time get away from me when I'm in front of my computer. He used to ask how I could expect to discipline the KiDS regarding Playstation and Nintendo time when I couldn't even discipline myself regarding computer time. He particularly hated it when he woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find me still at it. He had a hard time waking me up in the mornings and he blamed my lack of sleep on too much internet.

So by force of circumstances, and my DH's powerful personality (wink) I spend less time on the internet. I thought I'd miss it. But I didn't, really.

I now spend more quality time with my KiDS, going over their homeworks, reading books, or any other fun activity they can think of as we wind down to sleep.

I started reading books again. I used to read one book a week. Less when the babies started coming, and then I stopped when I started scrapbooking. I scrapped rather than read.

I am less tired. It may not seem a very physical activity but surfing the internet can be very tiring.

I feel freer. I always felt obliged to respond to every e-mail in my inbox but then I realized the word wouldn't stop turning if I didn't. My apologies if you are still waiting for a response from me. You can always buzz me at YM. :-)

And most importantly, I am spending more time scrapping. It also helped that I reconciled myself with the fact that I do not have to scrap everyday. I used to get so stressed out thinking I should have done a layout even if I was tired from running errands the whole day. So now I scrap every weekend, away from the computer. And oh, yes, I let my KiDS have their Playstation and Nintendo time. That way they won 't bother me as I scrapped (bad mama.) I am more productive now. And wasn't that the purpose of my constantly blogging and blog-hopping?

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C70 said...

ouch! guilty! i should, perhaps, do the same thing. I really need to lay low, hahaha!! I spend so much time in front of my computer, it's a crime!! I also sometimes end up getting stuff from online stores left and right! yikes! Well, my only consolation is that I also get some pages done :)

Looking forward to your new LOs!!