Sunday, April 29, 2007

Diane Tagged Me

And though she didn't say that something bad will happen to me if I didn't respond to her tag, I am playing it safe. :-)

Here are my answers:

A - Available or single: taken by the same man since 1996
B - Best friend: my college roommates
C - Cake or pie: Mrs. Yulo's chocolate cake
D - Drink of choice: Coke
E - Essential item you use everyday: my scrunchie
F - Favorite color: pink and green
G - Gummy bears or worms: neither
H - Hometown: Tarlac, Tarlac
I - Indulgence: a day at The Spa
J - January or February: February (bday month of Diego, Kahlo, my mom and my MIL)
K - Kids & names: Diego Gabriel (named after Diego and Gabriela Silang, and Mexican muralist Diego Rivera), Sarah Melisande (named after The Little Princess and Princess Melisande from the animation movie Flight of Dragons. OK I really named her after Sarah Michelle Gellar and would have nicknamed her Buffy but my DH put his foot down), Kahlo Julia (named after Mexican painter Frida Kahlo)
L - Life is incomplete without? chocolates
M - Marriage date: September 27, 1997 and September 28, 1997 (long story)
N - Number of siblings: 3 brothers, 4 sisters
O - Oranges or apples: oranges dipped in dark chocolate
P - Phobias or fears: public speaking (but I'm usually OK once I get going)
Q - Fave quote: Been there, done that, scrapped a page about it.
R - Reason to smile: my KiDS' antics, dessert, a finished LO
S - Season: sale season
T - Tag 5 people: who hasn't been tagged by Diane???
U - Unknown fact about me: I have a gym membership (yes, di halata ano? hahaha)
V- Vegetable you don’t like: ampalaya
W - Worst habit: missing gym days
X - X-rays you've had: chest x-rays at least once a year
Y - Your fave food: pasta, seafoods
Z - Zodiac sign: Gemini

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally, BG

It was Cabbie who first called my attention to the BasicGrey (BG) gallery last year. While we were chatting, she excitedly told me that BasicGrey has accepted her work . Now, you have to understand that I was fairly new at scrapbooking then, and I naively asked her, "Bakit mahirap ba makapasok dun?" She replied that BG is very choosy about what they include in their gallery. When I saw her mini-album and the company she was keeping, the likes of Ria, Iris and Pia, I was suitably impressed. These scrapbookers are among the best in the Philippines. This year, many more talented scrapbookers like Nina, Joanne, Christine and Au also made it to the BG gallery. And they say that not all of their submissions were chosen. Duh??? These scrapbookers have it going and their works are not acceptable? Choosy is putting it mildly.

My sister has sent me a few BG papers and I bought some more at the MLA Party last October 2006 but I have never used them. Well, I did try to use two pieces from the Motifica collection and ruined them. For some reason I wasn't quite satisfied with the way they turned out. Then last month, I had to go out and buy (thanks to the greatest BI's in my life whose names start with the letters A and N) the entire Scarlet's Letter collection. I spent at least a month just looking at the papers, konting himas, then carefully putting them back in their original packaging. They are just so beautiful and I absolutely had no idea what to do with them.

Until I had a brainstorm. I've always wanted to scrap this photo of Diego. I had printed and written the journalling last year but have never found the right paper to convey the mood I wanted. While looking (for the nth time) at the Scarlet's Letter paper, the red one stood out. It matched the color and design of Diego's shirt so I thought it would be perfect. This was just the beginning of my love/hate relationship with BG.

I started working on this LO last April 14. I thought I'd follow a BG sketch but nothing fit. Then it got into my mind to use at least three patterned papers and layer them creatively. And I have to do hand-cutting like the other scrappers do. I was channeling every scrapbooker I know from Roxas District to Paranaque to Cavite (you know who you are), but still nothing was working. Finally, exactly a week later, on April 21, I decided to follow my instincts and used just the one paper I initially picked out. I was very happy with the result. Last April 22, it was accepted in the BG gallery. Now, I am not saying that I'm already as good as the scrapbookers who came before me. Some of you might even think, tsamba lang. But I do take this as a recognition that I am improving in this craft and that I can do well at it.

Materials Used:
Scarlet's Letter Recognition and tag; Hambly Screen Print; American Crafts Rub-on alphas; white Uni-ball Signo pen; ribbons and metal embellishments

Journalling Reads:
Diego, life is just like the obstacle course you just ran. As you grow older and live it, you will - stumble and fall (again); win some and lose some; hurt and be hurt; disappoint and be disappointed; break hearts and have your own heart broken. When these things come to past, REMEMBER that as SMALL boys do, BIG boys can cry. (And whether you like it or not, we will always be with you to comfort you.)

On Hambly Screen Print: Sarah comforts Diego after he stumbled in the race.

The Process:
A lot of hissing and cussing and plenty chocolates in between. I think I put too much pressure on myself, especially since I told Au, jokingly, that if I'm making a BG LO anyway, it should be good enough for their gallery. Buti na lang natanggap kundi naloka ako. Hehehe.

I wanted to use Sizzix alphas for the title and stamps for the journalling but since I wanted it finished (so I would stop obssessing about it), I just used the materials I had on hand. I'm sure I could have done better pero tama na! Sobra na! Time to move on to the next LO.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Quickie LO (Three Wise Monkeys)

Last night at around 7 pm, Au challenged me (or did I challenge Au? I forget) to make a simple scrap layout of any theme, any brand paper. We agreed, even shook hands virtually, that we should show each other our LOs via YM at exactly 1:00 pm today.

Thinking I had more than enough time, I spent the rest of the evening surfing and/or watching TV. Yes, sometimes simultaneously. I slept at around 2 a.m. and woke up quite late. To make the story short, I didn't get to start on my LO until 1:30 pm. Way past the deadline. In truth, I didn't think Au was serious about this but I scrapped anyway. At around 3:30 pm, Nita called to tell me Au has already shown her her LO and that I had until 4 pm to show her - Nita, the self-appointed judge - mine.

So I had to quickly put the finishing touches to my LO, quickly take a photo of it, and quickly upload it. O di ba? Quickie?

The LO is based on 3 Bugs in a Rug's April sketch.

Materials Used: DCWV Cardstock, 3BIAR Wonder PPS (cut into strips), white Uniball Signo pen (I am so loving this pen), black staetdler tri-plus pen, P.Etc. Stickers.

Journalling reads: Luneta Park, 01/21/07. When we chanced upon these three wise monkeys at the park, Papa immediately saw a photo opportunity so he had you pose near the monkeys. While you didn't understand what was going on, you were very cooperative and cute.

On the circle: But someone couldn't resist taking a PEEK at what's going on.

Around the photo: If we do not hear, see or speak evil, we ourselves shall be spared evil.

The Process: This is probably my first LO where I didn't do much thinking or second-guessing. As you can see, I didn't even use regular titles, just phrase stickers. The journalling is very simple, and was inspired (see below) by my sister Marissa. I wanted use up my 3bugs paper (plus another chance to be in their gallery) so I chose to follow their sketch. It worked well with the photos I chose though. I just had a blast doing this LO. So that's what it feels like to scrap without any pressure. Hahaha.

And I learned something new, too. I learned that the 3 "evil" monkeys are not Chinese in origin but Japanese. I always thought it was a Confucian saying.

And, oh, here is Au's LO. It doesn't look simple and rushed at all. I should have asked for a handicap. Next time, I will.

BTW, here's Manang Marissa's digital LO of the girls. For someone who didn't know how to use Photoshop two years ago (she taught herself), she has come along way.

Summer Scrapping

I am a scrapping squatter in my own house. Sure, I have my own space for scrapping but since it's in the attic, it's an oven during the day. (And most nights, too.) So I have taken to scrapping in our dining room where the ceiling fan keeps the room cool. At first, I brought down only what I needed and returned everything to my scrap room afterwards. But eventually, I got tired of going up and down two plights of stairs to the third floor just to get a prima flower or the color cardstock I needed. It breaks my momentum. Not to mention, I abhor exercise in any form. :-) So finally, I brought most of my stuff downstairs. Much to my yaya's dismay, I imagine. In addition to my kids' toys and books, she now has to clean around my boxes in the dining and living rooms.

The dining cum scrapping table. I have to make sure I evacuate during meal times. But I think the time will soon come when I'd be scrapping at one side of the table while my family eats at the other.

Some of my stuff has spilled over to the piano. Sarah and Diego complain that they have to move my stuff out of the way before they can play. I'm sure they're just using that as an excuse to avoid piano practice.

Books and magazines have been removed from the library to be within easy reach.

Cardstock, patterned papers and the printer in one corner of the sala set which my DH made. In case you didn't notice, the scanner was in a corner of the dining room.

More stuff (thankfully in boxes) strewn on the floor.

I don't know how much longer I can scrap like these, but so far, the past few days have been very productive.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A short anecdote about My Little Attic

Since MLA was sponsoring the Fancy Pants challenge, I deemed it but proper to buy the papers from them. So I went online last April 13, Friday to order the papers I wanted and the much-touted white uni-ball signo pen. Nette's e-mailed response was quite quick and I asked her if she could send my order to their office in Tektite so I can have my nephew who works at the same building pick it up on Tuesday, April 17. Yes, I was trying to save on the shipping charges. It's small I know, but I can't help but think that's another 2 pieces of PPS. Hehehe.

Our arrangement was quite clear, so imagine my surprise, when on Saturday, after a long and tiring day at my in-laws', I arrived home to find an Air21 package waiting for me. I thought, oh, she must have misunderstood. But then excitement overcame me and I dismissed the minimal shipping fee. I eagerly opened my package and inside was a note from Nette, telling me that she wanted to surprise me and that she was not charging me for the shipping. Oh me, oh my. Such kindness. Such generosity.

I told my DH that was so sweet of Netter but I was also a little embarassed so I told him, "Maybe I should still pay for the shipping. May free papers pa ako. (The few times I've ordered from MLA, Nette sent free papers. I think she does that for everyone.) My DH told me," Accept it for the very nice gesture it is. Mas nakakahiya pag isoli mo. Repay her some other way na lang." I immediately grinned and responded, "Yeah. I should buy more papers." Natawa na lang si DH.

But seriously, this is just one of the many nice things that Nette Madero has done for her clients. And it is much appreciated by many. No wonder she was voted the scrap retailer of the year.

Nothing Fancy (My MLA Fancy Pants Entry)

When Nette of My Little Attic announced that the challenge for this month is about the colors of summer, I expected that many of the entries will be about the beach or the pool. I immediately decided that I would veer away from any photos involving any body of water. I scrolled through my photos in my mind and had an idea what event to scrap - our day-trip to the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon last May 15, 2004. However, when I looked at my digital files, I received an unexpected surprise. I only had about ten photos of our entire trip, and not all of them very good. I can't think why, trigger-happy that I am, I didn't take more pictures.

With Pahiyas in mind, I ordered my Fancy Pants Chi-Chi papers from MLA (see side-story above). I chose only 3 PPS that I thought would be perfect for my planned LO. The papers arrived in record time, but as usual, I waited (too many things happening in the house, or should I say, too many restless kids in the house) until the last day to scrap my LO. When I was about to upload my entry, I learned that the MLA site is down. At first, I was disappointed - nalipasan na ako ng gutom, ano. I worked from 4 pm to 9:30 pm without stopping for dinner. And then, I thought it was a reprieve - a chance to make additional changes. But then I viewed the LB Scrapaholics' LOs and the wait is just plain torture.

I am not one to back down from a challenge, no matter how tough the competition, so here it is.

Materials Used: Fancy Pants Beautify & Awaken; foam tape; alpha stickers (unknown); white Uni-ball Signo pen.

Journalling reads:
A thanksgiving to San Isidro Labrador
A road trip to Lucban, Quezon
A dilapidated white van
A family of 7 adults and 4 kids
A lunch of pancit habhab
A string of rice kiping
A summer fiesta

The Process:
Paper-cutting galore. While moving my MAPED cutter along the lines, I tried to channel Joanne Yap. Good thing the designs were not very intricate. Adhered the cut pieces with foam tape to add dimension (not quite Joanne-style) and to form layers of colorful kiping. Kiping is made from rice dough and is traditionally used by Lucbanons to decorate their houses during the Pahiyas festival (every May 15). I was just positioning the journalling strips at the top when my DH arrived and noted that there's something missing. Since it's a fiesta, he suggests my LO should be more decorative and more colorful. I added triangle banderitas (flags) at the top pero hindi daw bagay. He wanted more kiping. But alas, the only paper I had left had only tiny flowers on it, so it wasn't very useful. So I did the next best thing. I cut the paper at the back of my photo and got enough "petals" to form the kiping you see at the top-left of my LO. So if you look closely at my LO, there's a gaping hole at the back. Hahaha. After I adhered the kiping, I felt it was too much. But then again, fiestas in the Philippines are always too much. Too much food, too much fun, so I guess it's just enough really.

Another day, another LO done. Let's all do the dance of joy.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Julia in the Philippines

No, this is not a scrapbooking entry. Nor is it a happy one. But my blog's title is to live, love and laugh. And to live, we also have to experience death.

When I read and heard the news about the shootings in Virginia Tech, I sent a prayer to the 33 people who died senselessly. But it didn't really affect me so much, you know. Since it happened thousands of miles away, in a place and with people I know little about.

When I read in the news that the body of Julia Campbell, a peace corps volunteer in the Philippines has been found, I couldn't hold back my tears. Reading her blog again where she talks about her love of my country and with her last entry "Buhay Pa Tayo" had me sobbing uncontrollably. I don't really know Julia Campbell aside from what I have read in her blog, but this just hits too close to home.

Julia and I are both turning 40 this year (or she would have.) She left the rat race of New York to join the Peace Corps for Manila. If not for wanting not to leave my family behind, I would now be one of the rats in New York. I also briefly toyed with the idea of being a UN Volunteer in Sudan but unlike her, I wasn't brave enough. The worst of it all is, she died in Batad, my most favorite place in the world, where the people are warm and friendly, where the magnificent rice terraces almost reach the sky and embrace the small village nested within. I still cannot believe that something so horrific could have happened in that peaceful village.

My sincerest prayers go with Julia who was already supposed to go back home to her family and friends. In her blog profile she asked that we wish her luck. I am so so sorry that that luck had to end here in my beloved Philippines.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Too Many Challenges

I am admittedly a slow scrapper. By slow, I mean it takes a while for an idea to take root in my mind. But when it does, it wouldn't let go easily until it comes to fruition. Unlike in the real world where I can multi-task with my eyes closed, I find that in scrapping, I have to work on one idea at at time. My mind is crowded by bits and pieces of just THE one LO. That is why I have to finish the LO I am currently working on before I can move on to the next.

But the thing is, recently, I have too many things going on in my mind. There's a lot of LOs I want to do. And it is not helped by the number of challenges and sketches that are suddenly presenting looming deadlines. Darn it! I just got past the idea that I have to "get caught up" in my scrapbooking, now I have to rise to all the challenges.

Or maybe not. Hmmm...excuse me while I go work this out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Gap

Another LO that I started last Saturday, April 7, which I finally finished today. Whew! I really like the feeling I get when I slip a finished LO inside a protective sleeve in my album. It's a combination of relief and fulfilment. It makes me tingle all over. LOL.

Materials Used:
DCWV cardstock, Imagination Project - Bloom PPS, P.Etc. Sticker, EK Success Phrase Cafe, Prima flowers, button, Canson tracing paper, Sizzix Slim Jim diecuts

Journaling Reads:
Sarah lost four of her baby teeth when she was about to turn seven. When they started feeling loose, she couldn't help but wiggle them. Papa was afraid that they might come off and she might accidentally swallow them so he pulled them off himself.

The first time, with the first tooth on the upper right, Sarah cried up a storm. It was a wonder the neighbors didn't call Bantay Bata 911. When she finally settled down, Papa pretended he was just checking if the wound has closed and suddenly pulled the other tooth. It happened so fast that Sarah was too surprised to cry.

After a week or so, the third tooth started moving and was pulled by Papa just as easily. Some tears were shed over the fourth tooth which was pulled after a few days, but all in all, it was quick and painless. Can't wait to see which tooth she loses next.

The Process:
Just played around with this one. And the journaling is a February 25, 2007 entry in my It's my personal blog about my kids. The yellow arrows were made by my DH. He arranged it and the letters to look like a smile, to duplicate Sarah's toothless smile. Does it look like a smile to you? :-)

More Different Than Alike

I started this LO last Saturday, but was only able to finish the title and embellishments last Monday. Today, I finally added the journaling. This is the first time that I didn't finish an LO in one sitting. And it doesn't sit (pun intended) well with me. Unlike some people who can work on several LOs at one time, I have to completely finish an LO before I could move on to the next one. So until today, I was stuck on this one.

This is a scraplift of one Karen Buck, who's work was featured in a scrapbook adhesive ad.

When I looked closely at this photo of Sarah and Kahlo, I saw that while they have obvious physical differences, they also have physical similarities. So I thought I would focus on how alike they were despite their differences.

My original quote was "More alike than different." However, when I was putting on the title, the word "different" wouldn't fit on the bottom. So I ended up switching the two words to read, "More different than alike." That bothered me no end because I wanted to focus on their bond as sisters, that despite of their many differences, they have so much more in common. But then I wrote the journalling and everything fell into place. I acknowledged that these two girls are as different as chalk from cheese. But they are sisters to each other. That is what matters most.

Materials Used:
Making Memories & MAMBI paper, DCWV cardstock, Karen Foster embellishment, MM acrylic paint and foam stamp, Creative Imaginations sticker, EK Success Phrase Cafe, magnet phrase (unknown), Sizzix Bounce diecuts.

Journaling Reads:
There is no denying it. You two are different from each other. Sure, I look at this picture and I think: you have the same lips and the same smile. But that's where the similarities end. SARAH - you are sometimes shy and always sensitive. You like the color pink and girly-girl toys and games. While you, KAHLO - are always gung-ho. You like the color orange and playing rough. But inspite of these differences, you are the best sisters anyone can ask for. Barring the usual sibling disagreements - and you do fight - you clearly love each other. I don't know what the future holds for you two, but I hope you continue to be good friends and always have the best of times together. Love Mama 4/11/2007

The Process:
Scraplifting is certainly easy as the decisions about color schemes or placement of photos, or whatever you want to copy are already made for you. However, the final finishing touches are still your own. This may be easy or not, but this is the part where your own personality comes through. (And this is where I really sweat it out.)

The MM papers also came as part of a kit so it was assumed that the colors will work well together. And then I discovered for myself (although I've read and heard it before) that the MM acylic paints match their papers exactly. How cool is that?

This is also my first time using hidden journaling, simply because there was no room for it in the LO. But when I saw the "Secrets" tab, I knew it was just perfect. My message being just between us girls. That is also why I used my own hand-writing when I would usually use a printer. I wanted this to be very personal.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Anatomy of a Cry

Middle-child syndrome anyone? My daughter, Sarah, sandwiched between the acknowledged leader Kuya Diego and the feisty "can-do" Kahlo is quite the sensitive child. She cries at the least provocation and at the most unexpected times. One minute we would all be laughing and the next Sarah would be crying her little heart out. She bawls if she is hurt - real or imagined. And she doesn't just cry, she wails. I try to be patient but many times it just drives me insane.

One time I took photos of her (which just made her cry more) so I can show her what she looks like when she cries. It didn't help. But I thought the photos would make a good LO. The title and journaling had been brewing in my mind since last year and yesterday, I finally scrapped those photos.

I used a Becky Fleck Page Map, which made it easy, and I was in the company of good friends, which made it fun. So here it is, the LO from our Holy Crop Thursday.

Materials Used: Basic Grey Aged & Confused Sublime Colletion - Confused and Cinnamon Stripe; black DCWV CS; orange Fabriano CS (Au's scrap); green DMC embroidery thread; black and white ribbon (courtesy of Nita); Making Memories Magnetic Stamps; Mini Pop-Up Dots; metal heart-shaped tag.

Journaling Reads:

The Process: I used the BG papers because it reflected the color orange in my photos, and I liked the word CONFUSED in the pattern. I immediately cut the paper, otherwise I would have wasted time moving things around and second-guessing myself. I tried to borrow zig-zag scissors from Au but she suggested that I stitch instead of cut. So she lent me her thread and needle, and using the Simply Scrappy stitch guide, I started stitching. Four holes in and I started to remember that I hate sewing as much as cooking! I was never good in the so-called Home Economics classes. I spent alot of time in the sewing so there was no time for other LOs. My fellow scrappers got an earful of complaints while I hemmed and hawed. Hahaha.

I used Symbelly's Big Shot to cut the Cherish and Round-a-Bout alpha dies. Wow! That was quick and fast. (I wish my Sizzix orders would arrive soon...) Nita shared her ribbon and it was the perfect finishing touch. She even knotted it for me. I was all done except for the journaling. Au suggested we use her Making Memories Magnetic Stamps. So she demo-ed the product to me and Mai, and actually ended stamping all the words herself. Thanks, Au! If it's any consolation, expect orders for those stamps from me and Mai soon. They're really very versatile. A fortuitous thing - Au initially stamped heart-stopping using q's, not p's. So to cover the mistake, we stamped the word on another CS. We did the same to three more words, and it actually added dimension to the LO. All's well, that ends well.

When I got home, I showed the LO to Sarah, and as expected, she cried.

Holy Crop!

Crop party with some friends yesterday, Holy Thursday. Emphasis on the word par-tee! There were only six of us (Au, Nita, Mai, Symbelly, Cabbie and moi) yet they brought tools fit for an entire army of scrapbookers. There were Sizzix dies, Sizzlits alphabets, a Big Shot, a Cuttlebug, Making Memories stamps, a Basic Grey Notch and Die tool...Truly an arsenal I cannot wait to try. It was so generous of them to lug and share their tools for the day so I gladly added my Bazzill colorwheel to the tool pool. LOL. When Mai arrived, she added not tools, but chocolates and chips, for truly a scrapbooker should never be caught without them.

I regret now that I didn't bring my camera to record this event. But I'm sure Au will upload some photos in her blog and Cabbie already posted a few in hers. I purposely didn't bring my camera so that I will not be distracted. My goal for the day is to finish three simple LOs. Yes, I know it was ambitious, but I really thought I could do it, as I usually finish my LOs in half a day. With all the tools at our disposal and with the company of scrappers who are just too willing to help out, I was confident that goal was attainable.

I didn't quite do three, for reasons I will go into later, but I am quite proud of what we all accomplished. Four of us finished LOs that day. Au and Mai just need to adhere their photos and add finishing touches to their work. We had fun, good food, good company, a good place to scrap and the day wasn't too hot.

Thanks to Nita and her family for letting us use their lanai. It was like being in Manila without the heat and dust of Manila. As Mai said, everything was much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An April Fool's Joke

Last Sunday, April 1, we, Pinoy Scrapbookers had our third EB in Pasig City. There was quite a turnout of members. Read Jenn for a detailed account and Au for the background and the photos.

After the EB, I went online and wrote this to the group:

"Hi guys, just got home from the EB. I'm tired and I don't feel very inspired by today's happenings at all. I wish I had just stayed home and watched TV. That would've been more productive. For the people I've met before, it seems that I am seeing too much of you already. To those I met for the first time, it wasn't very memorable. I think the money I contributed for the food and the venue was not money well spent. I'm sure that this will be my last EB for awhile. I am sorry, but I have to be honest. I am sure we can all be and do better next time.

So there, now that I have given you my unsolicited opinion, let me just say, happy April Fool's!!! Mwahahahaha."

I got varied reactions. Nita in particular was hyper-ventilating by the third sentence. But am glad, too, that there are those who know me well enough that this was just a joke. Of course, I enjoyed myself immensely, and am looking forward to the next EB.

I Am A Foodie

I started this LO yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning. I left the journaling for last. My printer takes about 10 minutes to boot so I usually print things in bulk.

This is another attempt at heat embossing after my first disastrous one about five months ago when all the UTEE powder flew in the room and my embossing gun blew up in my hands. Despite all care and precaution I plugged my brand new 110 volts gun in 220. I think I am more successful this time because I just singed my fingers with the hot UTEE and didn't blow up anything.

Materials Used: Karen Foster Micro Paper Bundle from Nina. She actually gave them to Cabbie but we hijacked a few from her. Black dymo tape. MM acrylic paints. UTEE embossing powder. Queen & Co. photo turns.

Journaling reads:
Some Food Facts About Me

I took up Essentials of Cooking at the Heny Sison Culinary School for 20 days just to confirm to myself (and my dear husband) that I don’t like cooking.

I’d always eat dessert first if I could.

I heart chocolates, especially the dark and minty kind.

I have a food blog about my culinary (mis)adventures called

I like to bake. Unlike cooking, it doesn’t leave much room for guesswork. And I like knowing that if I follow the recipe exactly, I will be rewarded by something delicious in the end.

I can’t cook rice.

I am sooo lucky my husband is a very good cook.

DYMO labels: Loves to eat...Explorer of food.

The Process: I thought the micro papers looked like small table napkins/mats so I hoped they'd go well with the B&W photo of me eating ice cream at Cold Rock, Mall of Asia. I reversed printed the journaling in red. (I tried black too, but it looked heavy and red is more fun.) I searched for food quotes. I liked Emma Bombeck's "I am not a glutton - I am a food explorer." But I left out the glutton part. Not quite there yet. Hehehe.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Sweet Life

I received an e-mail from myscrapworks that a video coverage of last week's Scrapmeet 3 will be shown on The Sweet Life with Lucy Torres today. I wanted to see it - I might see myself in the video hehehe - so at exactly 6:30 PM, I parked myself in front of the TV and waited. Today's episode dealt with workshops, it being summer vacation in the Philippines, so most parents enrol their kids in different activities.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to see Diego when a video clip of their final performance at PETA (May 2006) was shown. Diego has been a PETA workshopper since he was six. Three of his godparents are PETA artists and I worked very closely with PETA in my previous reincarnation as grants administrator for an international foundation. We have had a very good experience with PETA and have always tried to watch all their plays. If Diego hasn't decided to take up sports this summer, he would again be a PETA workshopper.

Anyway, it was quite exciting to see the footage of the Scrapmeet. The camera panned the scrapbook layouts and even on film, WOW! Galing talaga. The activities were highlighted and Mabelle of myscrapworks and scrapper Joyce (?) Ejercito were interviewed about scrapbooking.

I didn't see myself amongst the crowd, but seeing my child earlier made the show for me. I was also reminded that I still have to request a copy of the final performance video from PETA!