Monday, April 02, 2007

The Sweet Life

I received an e-mail from myscrapworks that a video coverage of last week's Scrapmeet 3 will be shown on The Sweet Life with Lucy Torres today. I wanted to see it - I might see myself in the video hehehe - so at exactly 6:30 PM, I parked myself in front of the TV and waited. Today's episode dealt with workshops, it being summer vacation in the Philippines, so most parents enrol their kids in different activities.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to see Diego when a video clip of their final performance at PETA (May 2006) was shown. Diego has been a PETA workshopper since he was six. Three of his godparents are PETA artists and I worked very closely with PETA in my previous reincarnation as grants administrator for an international foundation. We have had a very good experience with PETA and have always tried to watch all their plays. If Diego hasn't decided to take up sports this summer, he would again be a PETA workshopper.

Anyway, it was quite exciting to see the footage of the Scrapmeet. The camera panned the scrapbook layouts and even on film, WOW! Galing talaga. The activities were highlighted and Mabelle of myscrapworks and scrapper Joyce (?) Ejercito were interviewed about scrapbooking.

I didn't see myself amongst the crowd, but seeing my child earlier made the show for me. I was also reminded that I still have to request a copy of the final performance video from PETA!

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