Monday, April 23, 2007

A Quickie LO (Three Wise Monkeys)

Last night at around 7 pm, Au challenged me (or did I challenge Au? I forget) to make a simple scrap layout of any theme, any brand paper. We agreed, even shook hands virtually, that we should show each other our LOs via YM at exactly 1:00 pm today.

Thinking I had more than enough time, I spent the rest of the evening surfing and/or watching TV. Yes, sometimes simultaneously. I slept at around 2 a.m. and woke up quite late. To make the story short, I didn't get to start on my LO until 1:30 pm. Way past the deadline. In truth, I didn't think Au was serious about this but I scrapped anyway. At around 3:30 pm, Nita called to tell me Au has already shown her her LO and that I had until 4 pm to show her - Nita, the self-appointed judge - mine.

So I had to quickly put the finishing touches to my LO, quickly take a photo of it, and quickly upload it. O di ba? Quickie?

The LO is based on 3 Bugs in a Rug's April sketch.

Materials Used: DCWV Cardstock, 3BIAR Wonder PPS (cut into strips), white Uniball Signo pen (I am so loving this pen), black staetdler tri-plus pen, P.Etc. Stickers.

Journalling reads: Luneta Park, 01/21/07. When we chanced upon these three wise monkeys at the park, Papa immediately saw a photo opportunity so he had you pose near the monkeys. While you didn't understand what was going on, you were very cooperative and cute.

On the circle: But someone couldn't resist taking a PEEK at what's going on.

Around the photo: If we do not hear, see or speak evil, we ourselves shall be spared evil.

The Process: This is probably my first LO where I didn't do much thinking or second-guessing. As you can see, I didn't even use regular titles, just phrase stickers. The journalling is very simple, and was inspired (see below) by my sister Marissa. I wanted use up my 3bugs paper (plus another chance to be in their gallery) so I chose to follow their sketch. It worked well with the photos I chose though. I just had a blast doing this LO. So that's what it feels like to scrap without any pressure. Hahaha.

And I learned something new, too. I learned that the 3 "evil" monkeys are not Chinese in origin but Japanese. I always thought it was a Confucian saying.

And, oh, here is Au's LO. It doesn't look simple and rushed at all. I should have asked for a handicap. Next time, I will.

BTW, here's Manang Marissa's digital LO of the girls. For someone who didn't know how to use Photoshop two years ago (she taught herself), she has come along way.


Marissa said...

You call this a quickie?! Wow! talagang pinasisikatan ako, ah!

jennifer said...

ang cute ng "peek" part of it. way to go, lee! ang galing galing mo na talaga!