Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Am A Foodie

I started this LO yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning. I left the journaling for last. My printer takes about 10 minutes to boot so I usually print things in bulk.

This is another attempt at heat embossing after my first disastrous one about five months ago when all the UTEE powder flew in the room and my embossing gun blew up in my hands. Despite all care and precaution I plugged my brand new 110 volts gun in 220. I think I am more successful this time because I just singed my fingers with the hot UTEE and didn't blow up anything.

Materials Used: Karen Foster Micro Paper Bundle from Nina. She actually gave them to Cabbie but we hijacked a few from her. Black dymo tape. MM acrylic paints. UTEE embossing powder. Queen & Co. photo turns.

Journaling reads:
Some Food Facts About Me

I took up Essentials of Cooking at the Heny Sison Culinary School for 20 days just to confirm to myself (and my dear husband) that I don’t like cooking.

I’d always eat dessert first if I could.

I heart chocolates, especially the dark and minty kind.

I have a food blog about my culinary (mis)adventures called

I like to bake. Unlike cooking, it doesn’t leave much room for guesswork. And I like knowing that if I follow the recipe exactly, I will be rewarded by something delicious in the end.

I can’t cook rice.

I am sooo lucky my husband is a very good cook.

DYMO labels: Loves to eat...Explorer of food.

The Process: I thought the micro papers looked like small table napkins/mats so I hoped they'd go well with the B&W photo of me eating ice cream at Cold Rock, Mall of Asia. I reversed printed the journaling in red. (I tried black too, but it looked heavy and red is more fun.) I searched for food quotes. I liked Emma Bombeck's "I am not a glutton - I am a food explorer." But I left out the glutton part. Not quite there yet. Hehehe.


jennifer said...

wow naman....ang ganda ng layout! the pic stood out kasi b/w, then the papers are colored...

cooking is great, hope you'd like cooking in the future.

Lee i. said...

Thanks, Jenn. I'm trying to use my stash. Hehehe. Re cooking, well, for some reason, ever since I was a kid, I never liked it. Even if I followed the recipe to the letter, the result is not always good. When I graduated from culinary school, we served our guests (in my case, my DH) a full course meal, from appetizers to dessert. When I came close to my DH I whispered to him, "Enjoy this while you can. You are not getting this from me again." He never expected otherwise.

jennifer said...

hahahaha...kakatuwa naman ung anecdote mo, for sure ninamnam ng DH mo ang full course meal you cooked!

the dreamer said...

Hey, Lee! Galing-galing naman, nagamit mo agad yung paper! Hehe. I'm just so happy that at least someone is able to use it.

Hehe. Can relate to about not wanting to cook. My dislike of cooking is equally proportional of how AR loves to cook.

By the way, will miss out on the mini-EB at Nita's tomorrow! Have a cold. Are you going? =(


Mai said...
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Mai said...

wow Lee! seryoso na to a.... i like your color scheme... hmmm... i can see that the color wheel will no longer be needed pretty soooon. and the expression on your face ... talagang namnam na namnam... which reminds me to bring some of my choco stash for the scrapping ladies tomorrow...better to share the calories all around right?

am still trying to finish my 8x8 album before breaking into the big 12x12 i keep telling myself - one hurdle at a time... :) see you!

Jeff & Pia said...

Lee!!! I really like this LO more especially the journaling! I was laughing while reading it ... you're very funny!

Minsan patikim naman ako ng mga baked goodies mo hehehe!


Lee i. said...

Pia!!! You like my LO! Wow! Thanks. Feeling high na ako. Hahaha. Sige, pag may pagkakataon na magkita tayo, I will bring my brownies and mint cookies. Ask Au and Nita - they really like it. :-)

Nina - missed you at the scrap party. Productive kami this time, ha. Next time, sana makasama ka ulit.

Mai, sana matapos mo na yung 8x8 mo para 12x12 naman na. Naghahanap talaga ako ng karamay. :-)