Monday, April 23, 2007

Summer Scrapping

I am a scrapping squatter in my own house. Sure, I have my own space for scrapping but since it's in the attic, it's an oven during the day. (And most nights, too.) So I have taken to scrapping in our dining room where the ceiling fan keeps the room cool. At first, I brought down only what I needed and returned everything to my scrap room afterwards. But eventually, I got tired of going up and down two plights of stairs to the third floor just to get a prima flower or the color cardstock I needed. It breaks my momentum. Not to mention, I abhor exercise in any form. :-) So finally, I brought most of my stuff downstairs. Much to my yaya's dismay, I imagine. In addition to my kids' toys and books, she now has to clean around my boxes in the dining and living rooms.

The dining cum scrapping table. I have to make sure I evacuate during meal times. But I think the time will soon come when I'd be scrapping at one side of the table while my family eats at the other.

Some of my stuff has spilled over to the piano. Sarah and Diego complain that they have to move my stuff out of the way before they can play. I'm sure they're just using that as an excuse to avoid piano practice.

Books and magazines have been removed from the library to be within easy reach.

Cardstock, patterned papers and the printer in one corner of the sala set which my DH made. In case you didn't notice, the scanner was in a corner of the dining room.

More stuff (thankfully in boxes) strewn on the floor.

I don't know how much longer I can scrap like these, but so far, the past few days have been very productive.


leira said...

i feel the same way.. im a squatter in my own little home since i dont have a scrap room yet.. my stuff is all over the place.. sometimes some of my stuff are in a box. but not my precioussssss BG nakatabi sya. Just sharing nakakarelate ako

Marissa said...

Traditional scrapbooking is really MESSY! hehe. Go digital, I say. Pero makalat pa rin aqui. My laptop, my scribe light, my discs, a bag of xtra dark Lindor Truffles.
My Kalat room is under "construction". When it's done I can start traditional scrapbooking again.

jennifer said...

ako rin, i scrap in our dining area. kasi bukod sa malaki ang dining table namin, maganda ang lighting, at glass top pa. since i don't own a paper trimmer, the glass top surface was very helpful in cutting my papers. buti na lang all my materials could fit inside one paper bag (ang dami, noh?), kaya come meal time, i can just put it all back in the bag, and come back after eating to scrap again. =)

ps - congrats on making it to basic grey. it's a very sweet layout you made there.