Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!

Well, I had planned to bake cupcakes for today's anniversary, but DH and the KiDS just didn't give me time for that. So, no cupcakes and candles today.

But still, two years and 216 posts later, readers still come read me. That is worth acknowledging. Even if I am in not in a celebratory mood right now, the current Idol challenge uppermost in my mind. Three days since it's been announced and all I still have is the germ of an idea brewing in my mind. I hope to get into the groove of things before the night is over. Either that or spend another sleepless night. LOL.

So once again, this is going to be short and sweet. Thank you, dear readers, for keeping me company all through these years.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Checking In

It used to be that I scrapped whenever I can. Now it's surf the net, blog, or answer e-mail whenever I can. There's a very limited window for me to do so - only when DH is in class and he has no presentation, or when he's in the bathroom. The latter being the case now. :-) He has commandeered my laptop over a month ago and I haven't been able to fully reclaim it yet.

So before he comes back, let me thank everyone who's been visiting my blog loyally, even if I have no new posts. Thanks to those who take the time to leave comments. And am most specially grateful for the encouraging words of support for the Idol 2. By golly, have you seen the new challenge? I've only done two cards in my whole scrapping life and now am expected to make a POP UP card. And this is just Round 1. It boggles the mind. I'm almost afraid to think of what's in store for us next, assuming I make it through this round.

I've received tags and awards from a number of people. Rest assured, I will be returning the kind gesture very soon. Really. Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ooooppsss...I Did It Again

Last night, after dinner, I asked DH, "So you think I should join Idol again?" He gave me the look (the one that says "ano ka, baliw?", and said, "Wag ka lang." I retorted, "I thought you were supposed to be encouraging me. Di ba ikaw nagsabi I should have my own artistic pursuits. He gave me that look again and replied, "Well then, consider what I said reverse psychology."

As we lay in bed, I nudged him and asked again, " So, ano nga?" He gave an exasperated sigh and he burrowed deeper into his pillow as he muttered, "Bahala ka. Basta wag kang mag-re-reklamo."

As I courted sleep, I counted the many reasons why I shouldn't. The last time was very challenging indeed. And really very very stressful at times. And yes, I did complain to my DH about many things. Mostly, I was venting to put things in their proper perspective - that it was just a scrapbooking challenge. No biggie. But still, if not for the support and sense of humor of friends, it would've been really tough.

And then I counted the reasons why I should. I fell asleep trying to come up with one very good reason. LOL.

I woke up this morning with the conviction that I had to join. Why? Because, like Mt. Everest, it is there. I don't think I can just stand in the sidelines while a lot of things are happening around me. And it's not like I'm doing anything much in the next six weeks. I can certainly put a weekly layout in my calendar. Besides, it would be another learning experience.

Consider it a social experiment. Why was the first Idol competition so intense? Was it because it was the first-time that such was conducted in the Philippines? Was it because it was my and many other participants' initial foray in the world of these challenges that last for weeks? Would I still be all hot and bothered as I meet every challenge? Or, having gone through it before, would I be quite blasé about it?

Well, I wouldn't know unless I joined, right? So I hurriedly made my entry this morning. Almost wasn't able to upload it in time cause the Scrappinmoms site told me, after several attempts at inputting my password (major senior moment there), "You are currently banned from using this website." And then DH needed to borrow my laptop for a class presentation. This was around 2 pm, and I almost took those as signs. That this wasn't mean to be. But thanks to April, my layout is in for the elimination round.

One thing's for sure, this is going to be another challenging journey. Have you seen the layouts in the gallery? Many more talented scrapbookers out there just waiting to show the world their talents and creativity. now I'm rattled. Nonchalance be damned.

I'm in it again. Wish me luck! :-)

Friday, August 01, 2008

July Recap

July target number of LOs - Five.

Number of LOs created - Six. Plus one digital LO which was luckily picked in Kaya. See me doing a happy jig. :-)

Scrap Jam happened this month, and I had a lot of inspiration, got in touch with friends, both old and new, shopped for goodies and won a Squeeze.

I discovered e-bay, much to my husband's dismay. Nothing is more exciting than upping another bidder by a mere $.05. And nothing can describe what I felt when a lot of really cheap stamps slipped from my grasp because DH made me lose my concentration at the last crucial seconds.

I am not working again, so it's back to the regular routine of going to my in-laws' place to help out and wait for the KiDS to finish school.

And another bit of happy news...Candy lent me her copy of the Webster's Pages Summer 2008 catalog. Guess who's on page 26. Now that was a surprise because I thought our LOs that won in Lasting Impression's challenge will only be placed in their online gallery. Hopefully, they will respond to my e-mail requesting a copy of the catalog so I can return Candy's copy.

Wait...does this qualify as being "published"? LOL.

I hope I will be able to squeeze in some scrappy time in the next few weeks. August is a very busy time at my KiDS' school.