Friday, August 01, 2008

July Recap

July target number of LOs - Five.

Number of LOs created - Six. Plus one digital LO which was luckily picked in Kaya. See me doing a happy jig. :-)

Scrap Jam happened this month, and I had a lot of inspiration, got in touch with friends, both old and new, shopped for goodies and won a Squeeze.

I discovered e-bay, much to my husband's dismay. Nothing is more exciting than upping another bidder by a mere $.05. And nothing can describe what I felt when a lot of really cheap stamps slipped from my grasp because DH made me lose my concentration at the last crucial seconds.

I am not working again, so it's back to the regular routine of going to my in-laws' place to help out and wait for the KiDS to finish school.

And another bit of happy news...Candy lent me her copy of the Webster's Pages Summer 2008 catalog. Guess who's on page 26. Now that was a surprise because I thought our LOs that won in Lasting Impression's challenge will only be placed in their online gallery. Hopefully, they will respond to my e-mail requesting a copy of the catalog so I can return Candy's copy.

Wait...does this qualify as being "published"? LOL.

I hope I will be able to squeeze in some scrappy time in the next few weeks. August is a very busy time at my KiDS' school.


Anonymous said...

of course! you've just been pubbed! congrats! :)

Liza said...

definitely a published layout! great work lee!

Christine said...

oh yes! congrats!! so well-deserved!