Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ooooppsss...I Did It Again

Last night, after dinner, I asked DH, "So you think I should join Idol again?" He gave me the look (the one that says "ano ka, baliw?", and said, "Wag ka lang." I retorted, "I thought you were supposed to be encouraging me. Di ba ikaw nagsabi I should have my own artistic pursuits. He gave me that look again and replied, "Well then, consider what I said reverse psychology."

As we lay in bed, I nudged him and asked again, " So, ano nga?" He gave an exasperated sigh and he burrowed deeper into his pillow as he muttered, "Bahala ka. Basta wag kang mag-re-reklamo."

As I courted sleep, I counted the many reasons why I shouldn't. The last time was very challenging indeed. And really very very stressful at times. And yes, I did complain to my DH about many things. Mostly, I was venting to put things in their proper perspective - that it was just a scrapbooking challenge. No biggie. But still, if not for the support and sense of humor of friends, it would've been really tough.

And then I counted the reasons why I should. I fell asleep trying to come up with one very good reason. LOL.

I woke up this morning with the conviction that I had to join. Why? Because, like Mt. Everest, it is there. I don't think I can just stand in the sidelines while a lot of things are happening around me. And it's not like I'm doing anything much in the next six weeks. I can certainly put a weekly layout in my calendar. Besides, it would be another learning experience.

Consider it a social experiment. Why was the first Idol competition so intense? Was it because it was the first-time that such was conducted in the Philippines? Was it because it was my and many other participants' initial foray in the world of these challenges that last for weeks? Would I still be all hot and bothered as I meet every challenge? Or, having gone through it before, would I be quite blasé about it?

Well, I wouldn't know unless I joined, right? So I hurriedly made my entry this morning. Almost wasn't able to upload it in time cause the Scrappinmoms site told me, after several attempts at inputting my password (major senior moment there), "You are currently banned from using this website." And then DH needed to borrow my laptop for a class presentation. This was around 2 pm, and I almost took those as signs. That this wasn't mean to be. But thanks to April, my layout is in for the elimination round.

One thing's for sure, this is going to be another challenging journey. Have you seen the layouts in the gallery? Many more talented scrapbookers out there just waiting to show the world their talents and creativity. now I'm rattled. Nonchalance be damned.

I'm in it again. Wish me luck! :-)


Maybelle said...

Good luck, Lee! Let the games begin!

Benga said...

hahaha kakatuwa naman ang sweet talk nyo ni hubby mo, good descision, and yet again it's a learning experience tlga, goodluck!

ScrappingDuck said...

Good luck, Lee.

Anonymous said...

hey, lee! it's going to be an exciting trip! how I wish I was in it too, if only for the joyride!

goodluck, ateng :)

Mia Castrillo said...

I'm glad you joined, Lee! The more the merrier! And you need to give them tough competition. Hehehe! Good luck!