Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!

Well, I had planned to bake cupcakes for today's anniversary, but DH and the KiDS just didn't give me time for that. So, no cupcakes and candles today.

But still, two years and 216 posts later, readers still come read me. That is worth acknowledging. Even if I am in not in a celebratory mood right now, the current Idol challenge uppermost in my mind. Three days since it's been announced and all I still have is the germ of an idea brewing in my mind. I hope to get into the groove of things before the night is over. Either that or spend another sleepless night. LOL.

So once again, this is going to be short and sweet. Thank you, dear readers, for keeping me company all through these years.


Benga said...

Wooohooo Happy 2nd Blogoversary Lee! I'm looking forward to another year of reading your fun, witty, inspirational and entertaining blog ;)

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary, the armchair scrapper!

Hay buti di ako sumali sa Idol! Pagkabasa ko sa challenge, "whoa!" agad nasabi ko. Hehehe. Good luck Lee!

the dreamer said...

In Taiwan, they have a saying "jia you!" (pronounced as "ja yo") which literally means "add gas" but figuratively means "do your best!" or "go, go, go!"

So, in the Idols 2, I bid you, "jia you!"

And congrats on the 2nd anniversary! =)


Alby said...

Happy anniv! I love reading your blog posts so I sure hope it will still be around for many years to come.

As to Idol, I'm happy to see that you joined. I think it's good use of your artistic abilities. Stressful. Mind-boggling. But don't you just feel good after submitting an entry? Good luck to all of us!

scrapgurl said...

Happy anniversary Lee's blog! =) Keep posting!

jonaks said...

happy anniversary!!!

pigmentations said...

I'm a blog fan, lee! happy anniv albeit super late! :)