Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Out of the Mouth of the Babes

This morning, at breakfast while I was showing off my LO quickly made (one hour, tops!) last night, Sarah, my darling almost 8-year old asked me.

Sarah: Why do you scrapbook so much?
Me: So that when we're older we can remember about these times. Or when I'm dead, you will remember me.
Sarah: Ahhhh...then you should make a layout about yourself so we will know what you look like.

A wise but not-so-subtle reminder for me to scrap about myself, huh.


Last week, while we were in my scraproom using the Cuttlebug for their Christmas projects, Kahlo, my almost 6 year old said.

Kahlo: When we're older can we use all of your stuff, and when you're dead, can we have them?

Sure, anak, yan lang ang tangi kong maipamamana sa inyo. Scrapbook albums at scrapbooking items. Naubos savings ni Mama diyan. Hahaha.


A month back, when my balikbayan boxes arrived:

Sarah: You have so much scrapbooking stuff but you don't use them. Are you planning to open a store???

I didn't answer this one cause it reminded me of this conversation with Diego (then 8-years old) last year:

Diego: Mama, you buy so much scrapbooking stuff but you don't scrapbook.
Me (a little hurt): Isn't it that I made a scrapbook for your swimming lessons last summer?
Diego: That's not a scrapbook. That's a scrap page.


But when I let them use my scrapbooking materials for their school projects, I am much appreciated. Diego said this a few months back when DH and I were helping them:

Diego: It's great to have an artist for a dad and a scrapbooker for a mom.


Monday, December 10, 2007

A Peek Into Yesterday

Remember this LO? Well, I submitted it to a call for layouts on Emotion at Peek and it won! Here's the e-mail I received from Pat:

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 9:45 am
Subject: Emotions contest

Thanks very much for entering the "Emotions" contest! Your layout, "It's Alright", is the winning entry. Congratulations!

You have won a $25 gift certificate to be used at A Peek into Yesterday.

Your layout will be displayed on the home page until next Sunday.

Once again, thanks very much for sharing your work, and congratulations for winning!

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful work with us! - Pat

This layout is really very special to me. If you'd read back to my post about it, you will understand why. It was not created for a challenge or a contest. It was made for me and Diego and Sarah. This recognition from other scrapbookers is just the perfect icing. The $25 shopping money is, of course, the cake.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hey, Einstein!

The blog readability test has spoken. This is the level of education you must have to understand my blog.

cash advance

Kidding! LOL. Based on the actual test result, one only needs a high school education to be able to understand my ramblings. Which is good, because I want more people to understand what I write. What does blogging matter if I am so high falutin no one gets it. Hehehe.

BTW, I think this so-called test runs only your blog address through whatever criteria the purveyors have set. It is highly doubtful that in the few seconds it takes to get the result that a comprehensive analysis of your blog's content is made.

So, really, this is just for fun. Don't take it seriously. You really don't have to be a freakin' genius to read The Armchair Scrapper. LOL.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Got to scrap again after a month! My last LOs were done over the All Saints' Day weekend. And after organizing my scrapbooking stuff for Marj's RAK, I was really itching to get scrapping.

This one is for my youngest yet feistiest daughter, Kahlo. Delicate? Not really, no. :-)

Or so it may seem...You are sweet, sensitive and caring, but not quite delicate. You are assertive, brave and strong. I hope nothing ever breaks you.

Materials Used:
PPS - Around the Block She Sells Sea Shells and Pretty Flowers; Diecut - Sizzix; Embossing - Cuttlebug; Paint and Glitter - Making Memories, Prisma; Adhesives - UHU, Zig, All Night Media Pop Dots; Tag - Oriental Trading; Pen - Staedtler

First Time:
  • to use Cuttlebug (CB) embossing powder on an LO. The orange CS looked a bit plain to me so I thought I'd add texture by embossing. After running the CS through the CB, it turned out that it has white core. So I sanded the ridges lightly to get more of that white.
  • to use Sizzix Big Kickz (yes, it works perfectly with the CB).
  • to use MM glitter over the chipboard swirls. I added the glitters over the wet acrylic paint and left it to dry before removing the excess glitter. The chipboard was covered perfectly. I sprayed Kraft adhesive to prevent the glitter from falling off.
  • to try color isolation using photoshop.
  • to use my Cherish sizzlits, the thin fonts are perfect for my title.
This is my entry to Scrapbook Hawaii's Around the Block (ATB) challenge. I was lucky enough to find a few ATB papers in the stash Manang Marissa sent me.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Resolved, As It Is Hereby Resolved

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Sadly, it brings back a time in elementary school when my Language teachers demanded that I write “My New Year’s Resolutions” after every Christmas break. The exercise made me feel that in the previous year I wasn’t good enough and that I haven’t lived to the fullest potential they expected from me.

So when our Scrapbytes Editor in Chief, Ria Mojica, asked me to write an article about this, I felt like I was transported back to the past. Sure, Ria is prettier than my grade school teacher, but still...

I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that essays on “My New Year’s Resolutions” are popular every new year. It ranks second to “What I Did During My Summer Vacation.” (I am saying the latter is more popular because it spawned a lot of movies starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. No one has ever made a movie about anyone’s New Year’s resolutions, I think.)

Anyway, as I was writing the article, my fingers flying over the keyboard, many things were revealed to me. Those of your who read my blog know that recently, I have been over-analysing how I scrap. LOL. Quite unexpectedly, my write-up helped me see a vision of myself as a scrapbooker.

So thank you, Ria, for this assignment.

And as for you, dear reader, please take time to visit the December 2007-January 2008 issue of Scrapbytes. I am sure you will pick up a new thing or two.