Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hey, Einstein!

The blog readability test has spoken. This is the level of education you must have to understand my blog.

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Kidding! LOL. Based on the actual test result, one only needs a high school education to be able to understand my ramblings. Which is good, because I want more people to understand what I write. What does blogging matter if I am so high falutin no one gets it. Hehehe.

BTW, I think this so-called test runs only your blog address through whatever criteria the purveyors have set. It is highly doubtful that in the few seconds it takes to get the result that a comprehensive analysis of your blog's content is made.

So, really, this is just for fun. Don't take it seriously. You really don't have to be a freakin' genius to read The Armchair Scrapper. LOL.


Candy Bonoan-Lagazon said...

At least nga, ang blog mo, "genius" level. Sa akin, "high school" lang. No wonder I'm an elem. teacher. I don't think I can hack a school system wherein the students are wiser than me! Hehehe.

C70 said...

love dropping by your blog and read about stuff you have to say ;)