Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Out of the Mouth of the Babes

This morning, at breakfast while I was showing off my LO quickly made (one hour, tops!) last night, Sarah, my darling almost 8-year old asked me.

Sarah: Why do you scrapbook so much?
Me: So that when we're older we can remember about these times. Or when I'm dead, you will remember me.
Sarah: Ahhhh...then you should make a layout about yourself so we will know what you look like.

A wise but not-so-subtle reminder for me to scrap about myself, huh.


Last week, while we were in my scraproom using the Cuttlebug for their Christmas projects, Kahlo, my almost 6 year old said.

Kahlo: When we're older can we use all of your stuff, and when you're dead, can we have them?

Sure, anak, yan lang ang tangi kong maipamamana sa inyo. Scrapbook albums at scrapbooking items. Naubos savings ni Mama diyan. Hahaha.


A month back, when my balikbayan boxes arrived:

Sarah: You have so much scrapbooking stuff but you don't use them. Are you planning to open a store???

I didn't answer this one cause it reminded me of this conversation with Diego (then 8-years old) last year:

Diego: Mama, you buy so much scrapbooking stuff but you don't scrapbook.
Me (a little hurt): Isn't it that I made a scrapbook for your swimming lessons last summer?
Diego: That's not a scrapbook. That's a scrap page.


But when I let them use my scrapbooking materials for their school projects, I am much appreciated. Diego said this a few months back when DH and I were helping them:

Diego: It's great to have an artist for a dad and a scrapbooker for a mom.



janujennifer said...

your kids are sooo witty, lee! buti na lang scrapbooker ka - you can document little details like these

Candy Bonoan-Lagazon said...

Lee!!! You're children are sooo funny! They really take after you! I enjoyed reading your anecdotes. I'm sure there's more to come. As for me, Galo doesn't seem to mind yet that I "work" a lot after schoolwork, I suppose bec. he's still a bit young. He is interested in my stuff though. He likes using the paper crimper to crimp all of our papers at home. And last Sat., I brought home some really big Prima flowers for the first time and he asked if he could have the blue one. Of course, when he wasn't looking, ninakaw ko ulit! Hehehe. Swapang ang ina!

Tin said...

Lee, i loooove your post :-) but then again i always loved reading your blog. Your kids are so witty, so kanino nga ba nagmana yan mga bata? hehe You just inspired me to list down the scrap quotes of the kids too! TFS!

Benga said...

this is so funny! kakatuwa mga kids mo, onga you should document this through a scrapbook or a scrappage hehehe or better yet try mini buks!

Khei de Dios said...

hi miss lee! i agree, these moments are priceless and your children are indeed witty. hope my andrei and hubby will appreciate me and my hobby more. the only time i've encountered something like this is when andrei asked me if i'll sleep late to work on my 'project' and when he oohhs and ahhhs when he sees his pics on my LOs.

CraftFairy said...

kakatuwa ang mga batang yan, hehe. Pahiram ng dalawa for the summer.

CraftFairy said...

Dalawa lang muna. magastos ang 3. haha!

zabeth said...

kakatuwa ang mga bata alam ni expense natin.

Liza said...

nakakaaliw response ng kids mo lee! one for the books, in this case, a mini-book. lol!

C70 said...

it is such a joy to hear what our kids think about us and our hobbies! HAHA, thanks for sharing, Lee!!!