Wednesday, January 02, 2008


This past month was really a challenge in terms of scheduling and multi-tasking. What with Christmas play rehearsals, the final shows (two), Christmas parties to attend, gift-shopping and giving, and to top it all off, the traffic and the crowds in the malls. It's enough to test Santa Claus' patience. But 'tis the season to be jolly and all, so deep inside, barring the traffic, I secretly enjoyed it all. I even enjoyed the ubiquitous Christmas muzak played in the malls, would you believe? While queuing at the cashiers to pay for the grocery and the presents, instead of minding the crowds, it dawned on me that I should be thankful.
  • thankful that I can even afford to buy presents
  • thankful that I have loved ones to give presents to
  • thankful that we received many invitations to parties, it means we are well-liked and well-loved
  • thankful that we received presents. It means that our family and friends are doing well, too.
Thank you dear friends who read this, as you are an integral part of my life's journey.

Wishing and hoping that in the coming year we will all achieve, receive and perceive all the things we want.


C70 said...

indeed, there is always much to be thankful for :) Happy New Year! Wishing more blessings upon you and your family!

Ella said...

Happy new Year Mama Lee.

Indeed, we have lots of things to be thankful for. Let's keep on counting our blessings and share them.

More power on 2008!