Friday, January 04, 2008

My 2008 Scrapbooking V-M-O

To be a good scrapbooker, one that consistently records my family’s stories. I will record my memories through revealing photos and heart-felt journaling. I want that people who look at my scrapbook albums feel me in all the pages.


* I will consistently record my family’s stories. It should come as naturally as breathing.

* I will take honest, true-to-life, revealing photos. I will not wait for the perfect light, the perfect moment or the perfect outfit to bring that camera out.

* I will write honest, heart-felt stories. I will write for myself and my layouts' subjects, not for the incidental reader.

* I will be the scrapbooker that I am comfortable and happy with. I will try new products and techniques, join challenges and contests, but I will stay true to why I am into scrapbooking - to remember and be remembered.

* To create at least one layout a week. That should be at least 52 layouts by the end of the year.

* To finally start and finish Kahlo's Disneyland album and Diego/Sarah's Disneyland album. The reasons why I took up scrapbooking in the first place. That should make at least two albums completed this year.

* To make baby Jazmane's first year album before she has her second birthday in August.

* To start scrapping the photos from inside my photo boxes. Empty at least two boxes by the end of the year.

* To scrap more about me, myself, and I and my relationship with DH (I should scrap more of him, too.) At least 10 LOs about each of us.

* To learn at least one new technique and/or master the use of one tool each month.

* To refrain from hoarding. I will buy only things that I will use immediately, and even then, only after I had used up at least 50% of what I have now. (Specific items that are required by challenges not included).

* And finally, to just enjoy the process. This should be a fun creative year.

So what do you think? Are these doable? Of course, they are. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the courage to post them here. I don't usually write these things down, especially not for public consumption, but it will encourage me to attain all of my objectives. I am sure that at the end of the year, an accounting will be demanded. And I want to be able to say, yes, I did all that.

(To read more about my visions/missions, click here.)


Maybelle said...

Hi, Lee! Your list of to-do's is a daunting task but very much doable. To "remember & be remembered" is what we all scrappers just really want, without fear of rejection or need for validation. Good luck on your journey!

Cookie Aguilar said...

wow! you can do it!!! wow i got inspired naman upon reading your post about your VMO... must formulate mine narin for guidance... specially on the shopping hoarding part... pinakamahirap i-control i guess...
i believe matutupad mo to lahat...cheers!!!

C70 said...

good luck, Lee! ;)

Liza said...

i commend you lee for your V-M-O. if you are committed to it, i feel that it can be done. i am inspired by your own commitments. i know you can do it!

leira said...

wow.. great V-M-O.. for me the hardest is I will refrain from hoarding..

Candy said...

It really is inspiring to know that you have a good heart with a good head to top it. I salute you for coming up with a courageous, but seemingly doable VMO. And while you're at it, hawaan mo na ako, parang awa mo na! hehehe.