Monday, August 17, 2009

Pick of the Week

Idol Cookie chose my layout Ain't No Princess as her POTW. Check out the announcement here.

I've been joining the Scrappinmoms Idol Contests since it's first year (2007) and this is the first time I got picked as POTW. I think I can now graciously retire from Idol. Hahaha.

Thank you, Cookie. And I must also thank Marj for being my sounding board as I was preparing for this round. She was the first one to laugh at my journaling, which to date, is still hidden from my DH. :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just 4 More Days

For you to avail of the early bird fee for the My Little Attic and Scrapbook Hawaii's ScrapJam happening on October 3, 2009. After August 20 you will have to pay the regular price. Think about all the good scrap stuff that you can pay with the difference! Almost everyday, Marisa is posting all the delightful new arrivals at her blog. Go check it out and drool. Just make sure your wallet doesn't get wet. LOL.

For more details about the ScrapJam, click here. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chanelling a Princess

The last and final challenge at ScrappinMoms Idol was to look at our inner selves and ask, what if I were a Disney princess. We were also asked to use at least one photo of ourselves, and at least three scrapbooking techniques.

Now, I have never thought of myself as a princess, Disney or otherwise. The closest I ever got to pretending I was royalty was when I played "Miss Universe" with neighborhood kids. I used to pretend to be Miss Aruba. This was during the seventies when the Miss Universe pageant was held here in the Philippines. Miss Aruba wasn't crowned winner but I guess she must have left quite an impression to have us girls fighting over the chance to be her. I also remember fights as to who would play Star Ranger Five with my cousins - we were two girls and three boys - and Star Ranger 5 was the only girl. Not to mention she had a heart on her helmet. Sometimes, I'd be Star Ranger Three just to keep the peace.

But anyway, for this layout, I finished the journaling first, but was quite stumped with how to execute it. Until, after days of staring at DCWV's Once Upon A Time stack, which I was saving for my daughters, something clicked, and this is one of those layouts were everything seemed to fall into place.

I'll share the journaling first because I really had fun writing it:

I'm no SNOW WHITE. I can't sing to save my own life. much less, attract Prince Charming.
I'm no CINDERELLA. I've never been good at household chores.
I'm no POCAHONTAS either. I don't talk to trees.
I can't be ARIEL. I can't swim and I prefer to eat seafood, not make them friends.
I could be SLEEPING BEAUTY. I'd rather be snoozing than doing above-mentioned household chores.
There's a bit of BELLE in me. We both love books and we're both in love with a Beast. (Hi, honey!)
I could pass for MULAN. We're both Asian and we put our families first.
Or maybe I'm a JASMINE - not afraid to speak her own mind and seek out new adventures.
Could be I'm TIANA...still waiting for my frog to turn into a Prince. (Hi again, honey!)
But then again, I don't need to be a princess to live this fairy tale life I'm living now.

And here's the layout using ageing, distressing, inking, hand stitching, beading, stamping, tearing, hidden journaling, handcutting.

Ain't No Princess

And with that, seven weeks after, six layouts and a mini-album created, I and nine others move on to the final round - on the spot scrapping on August 29. Visit the gallery and be impressed by sheer talent once again.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Latest on ScrapJam

Have you seen the latest about the ScrapJam in October 3, 2009? Lots of new arrivals and sponsors from well-known companies like Bella Blvd., Crate Paper, and Bo Bunny, to name a few. Check out the Scrapbooks Hawaii blog for more yummy details.

In the meantime, there's still time to register for this event with the cheaper early bird fee accepted until August 20.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

ScrapJam in Manila

I haven't missed any ScrapJam by My Little Attic and Scrapbooks Hawaii and I'm not about to start now. But...time got away with me and before I knew it, the deadline for registration was past. Thank goodness, the deadline was extended to August 20.

So scrappers, you still have time to join the event. If it's anything like the previous ScrapJams, we are guaranteed a rockin' good time.

Visit here for more information. See you on October 3!


Round 5 of the Idol contest was all about mini-albums inspired by a book. I saw all the books I've ever read flash before my eyes before I settled for a book trilogy that has special meaning to me and DH.

I'm talking about Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine trilogy. The books invite readers to examine handmade postcards and open colorful envelopes as they are drawn into the world of Griffin Moss and Sabine Strohem. DH invited me to read the book when we first met. And when we got married, he made postcards artfully depicting our courtship for our wedding invitations.

I used the postcards in the mini-album, and like Nick Bantock made envelopes, art works (in ATCs) and lots of stamped images. Taking the book theme further, I used the five parts of a story line.

Subtitle: The Story Line (first page)
Postcard 1 - Freedom Bar (where we first met)
Layout 1 - Expositon (Setting the Stage)

So, after you showed me your Millenium Falcon, you asked me if I liked books. I said yes, and you asked if I've read Griffin andSabine. And when I said no, you said you'd lend it to me and even brought the books to my apartment. Later, I realised this was yourstandard pick-up line. I'm glad when you asked me what thought, I said, "I didn't get it." That left more an impression on you than any other because you were used to being told the book was "beautiful" or "touching."

Postcard 2 - Caliraya
Layout 2 - Rising Action (Conflict and complications)
ATC 1 - Escape
Journaling - hidden, sorry, too personal to share

Postcard 3 - Batad
Layout 3 - Climax (The highest point of interest. Turning point.)
ATC 2 - Journey
Almost 3 hours of hiking (only because we needed lots of rest stops), being alone together far from the maddening crowd - we learned alot about ourselves and where we want to be.

Layout 4 - Falling Action (Wrapping up.)
ATC 3 - Travel
Layout 5 - Envelope with old letters (The events andcomplications begin to resolve themselves.)
Postcard 4 - Little Chapel of the Child JesusLayout 6 - Denoument (The final outcome. Conclusion.)

Last Page - The story continues...
Close-up of my Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

While I quickly settled on my theme concept when the challenge was announced, I was only able to execute everything the night before the deadline. I had to prioritize school work and that meant not sleeping at all on Wednesday! Since my body was craving sleep, I punched the paper wrong side up. And it was a text paper! I had to start measuring again. For the first time, I appreciated my Purple Cow cutter.

My scrap table was a mess...the floor leading to the bathroom was a mind was a mess... At one point, my hands were shaking so much I couldn't insert the ball chain in the chipboard hole. But all's well that ends well, and I finally got to use my Zutter Bind-it-All which I bought about a month ago. Yey for me!

Thank God I have a very supportive husband. He even cancelled his morning meeting so I can use the laptop before he had to leave for work.

And my reward for all that hard work? I get to move on to the next challenge and make something Disney Princess-like. Ugh! That will be hard when my favorite is The Paper Bag Princess. If you have a daughter or a favorite niece, you really should get her this book.)

BTW, you have to visit the gallery. Everyone did such an awesome job with their mini-albums. Simply amazing!