Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chanelling a Princess

The last and final challenge at ScrappinMoms Idol was to look at our inner selves and ask, what if I were a Disney princess. We were also asked to use at least one photo of ourselves, and at least three scrapbooking techniques.

Now, I have never thought of myself as a princess, Disney or otherwise. The closest I ever got to pretending I was royalty was when I played "Miss Universe" with neighborhood kids. I used to pretend to be Miss Aruba. This was during the seventies when the Miss Universe pageant was held here in the Philippines. Miss Aruba wasn't crowned winner but I guess she must have left quite an impression to have us girls fighting over the chance to be her. I also remember fights as to who would play Star Ranger Five with my cousins - we were two girls and three boys - and Star Ranger 5 was the only girl. Not to mention she had a heart on her helmet. Sometimes, I'd be Star Ranger Three just to keep the peace.

But anyway, for this layout, I finished the journaling first, but was quite stumped with how to execute it. Until, after days of staring at DCWV's Once Upon A Time stack, which I was saving for my daughters, something clicked, and this is one of those layouts were everything seemed to fall into place.

I'll share the journaling first because I really had fun writing it:

I'm no SNOW WHITE. I can't sing to save my own life. much less, attract Prince Charming.
I'm no CINDERELLA. I've never been good at household chores.
I'm no POCAHONTAS either. I don't talk to trees.
I can't be ARIEL. I can't swim and I prefer to eat seafood, not make them friends.
I could be SLEEPING BEAUTY. I'd rather be snoozing than doing above-mentioned household chores.
There's a bit of BELLE in me. We both love books and we're both in love with a Beast. (Hi, honey!)
I could pass for MULAN. We're both Asian and we put our families first.
Or maybe I'm a JASMINE - not afraid to speak her own mind and seek out new adventures.
Could be I'm TIANA...still waiting for my frog to turn into a Prince. (Hi again, honey!)
But then again, I don't need to be a princess to live this fairy tale life I'm living now.

And here's the layout using ageing, distressing, inking, hand stitching, beading, stamping, tearing, hidden journaling, handcutting.

Ain't No Princess

And with that, seven weeks after, six layouts and a mini-album created, I and nine others move on to the final round - on the spot scrapping on August 29. Visit the gallery and be impressed by sheer talent once again.


Alby said...

Love your layout Lee! Great techniques, nice composition, and excellent journaling. Winner ito!

CraftFairy said...

Great journaling. Kanino ka ba nagmana??? Love the be-jeweled border!

bjay said...

I had a kick reading your journaling talaga. I can so see toym smirking all the way while listening to you!

*me, belly laughing*
hak-hak-hak-hak-hak!!! :)

Benga said...

Congrats for making it to top 10, nosebleed tlga pinagdaanan nyo at pagdadaanan pa, goodluck Lee!

Christine said...

I super duper love your journaling! winner!! :D kudos to you for making it to the top 10. good luck!

sarah said...

wow!!! beautiful layout!!! :) i can see why this was chosen! :)

love your work.