Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Checking In

It used to be that I scrapped whenever I can. Now it's surf the net, blog, or answer e-mail whenever I can. There's a very limited window for me to do so - only when DH is in class and he has no presentation, or when he's in the bathroom. The latter being the case now. :-) He has commandeered my laptop over a month ago and I haven't been able to fully reclaim it yet.

So before he comes back, let me thank everyone who's been visiting my blog loyally, even if I have no new posts. Thanks to those who take the time to leave comments. And am most specially grateful for the encouraging words of support for the Idol 2. By golly, have you seen the new challenge? I've only done two cards in my whole scrapping life and now am expected to make a POP UP card. And this is just Round 1. It boggles the mind. I'm almost afraid to think of what's in store for us next, assuming I make it through this round.

I've received tags and awards from a number of people. Rest assured, I will be returning the kind gesture very soon. Really. Thank you for your patience.

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