Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The High Price of Gasoline

...has affected even me. We live near U.P. in Quezon City, yet the KiDS and DH work in Marikina. So every school day, very early in the morning, we would wake up 3 (four, including me) grumpy humans to prepare them for school. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the school from our house. Getting ready to leave, with all the grumpiness, like an eternity.

So we had a bright idea! Why not, since my in-laws have a house in Marikina, stay there during school days? That way, we save on gasoline, food, and grumpies. And we also give the oldies a bit of loving and caring.

But that means no scrapping for me, cause all my stuff are at home in QC. But since I have never missed a Kaya challenge, I am not about to miss Tin's now. Thank goodness, digital is acceptable.

Details at the Kaya challenge blog.


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Christine said...

that is a beautiful page, Lee! had you not mentioned it was digital, i would've thought otherwise.

hope you and your family will be able to adjust to your new living arrangements!