Sunday, July 06, 2008

I've Got A New Squeeze

The past week, I've been acting like a zombie, waiting, mouse in hand, in front of my computer, listening to the clock go tick-tick-tick. A few minutes more, and the item I am bidding for would be mine. So I refuse to budge, not even to answer my DH's question if I've had dinner yet. As I refresh my computer screen, he shakes his head and exclaims. "OMG! If you're not careful, you're gonna be just like me years ago. Ma-addict ka diyan." Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

My heart beats faster in anticipation. I can feel the pressure building up. Will I be able to click in time? As I refresh yet again, I curse the other bidders for driving the prices up. And then, another disappointment. I lose just by a few dollars. Oh, well, there are other items to bid on in Ebay.

So I turned my attention on another item. A Quickutz Squeeze with Metro Unicase Skinniminni alphas. I hesitated a bit because one of the Scrap Jam's announced raffle prizes was a Quickutz Squeeze. I've seen similar offers in Ebay before but I thought I'd wait to bid until after the Scrap Jam, just in case I won in the raffle. But I the price for the whole set at Ebay was just too good to be true. Less than $20. I know the price will be driven up still but it would still be a good buy at $35. A small voice was telling me, if you won this bid and then won at the raffle, what would you do with the extra Squeeze? But then again, the logical part of me said there's no guarantee I'd win in Scrap Jam. So I decided to go for it online.

But Ebay won't accept my bid. It said that the vendor does not sell to the country I was registered in. I changed my mailing and shipping address to my sister's in the US, but still it just won't let me bid. Then I remembered that when I registered, I was automatically redirected to I didn't take notice of that at the time but DARN! Now I was so psyched up I really wanted that Squeeze. Out of frustration, I just said, "Hay naku, ayaw niyo ako pa-bid, di huwag. I'm going to win that at Scrap Jam tomorrow, anyway.

If you've read the previous post, you'll know what came to past. Out of the many coupons in the jar, my name was drawn. I only had two raffle tickets in there. The Squeeze comes with a Metro Classic Unicase which retails for around $60 (alphas only). And I can begin using it, too, no waiting for shipping. Just perfect! Now I'm a believer.

When I showed DH my prize, he told me, "Bilis mag-isip ka na ng Lotto numbers..."

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Christine said...

lucky, lucky you! :)