Friday, July 04, 2008

Campaign for Real Scrapping

I was surfing randomly for inspiration and found this from Kim Guymon's site.

Now that is inspiring. I love it! What Kim has to say resonated with me. So I am picking up on her campaign. Don't get me wrong, I believe that scrapbooking is a personal thing and it's really up to you how you do it. There is no right or wrong...supposedly. Unfortunately, the layouts that are published in books and magazines, the layouts that win in contests, tell me otherwise. And many times I get sucked in, and I forget why I started scrapping in the first place. This is a good reminder...

That I scrap to remember and be remembered. That means photos and stories. Photographs that capture real life as it unfolds and heart-felt journaling that will give insight to future generations about my life. I do still love all the pretty papers and embellishments and I don't think I'll ever be able to stop buying them (well, a moratorium works now and then) but I refuse to be stressed out anymore. Scrapbooking is supposed to be a stress-buster. It is not a "competitive support" as Kim calls it.

If you would like to join Kim's Campaign for REAL Scrapping then copy the logo and add it to your blog. Write your thoughts about what REAL Scrapping means and how to refocus our efforts to make sure we aren't overwhelming and frustrating ourselves with that which is not real.

If a soap can campaign for real beauty, why can't we scrapbookers campaign for real scrapping?


ScrappingDuck said...

I'm totally in agreement!

Kim said...

Thanks! I'm glad this is getting passed around. I totally believe that keeping the focus on WHY we scrap is key to staying motivated! It doesn't mean you can't do artistic pages, it just means that not every page HAS to be a work of art. It's about the memories more than it is about the techniques!