Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June Recap

June was a slow month in terms of scrapping. I was otherwise occupied taking care of the KiDS and getting them ready for school. And there's the job I have taken on, too.

So I am happy to at least be still on target. Four LOs this month. I've already posted three here. My fourth LO is my entry to Kaya 14. I almost gave it a miss but I didn't want to ruin my record. I've never missed a Kaya challenge and I didn't intend to start now.

Details in the Kaya blog

I made this Saturday night, in between packing our things for a weekend in Baler, Aurora. I still have to blog about that in my KiDS' blog, so in the meantime, you can read a more official account here. Sigh, an official press release, and they couldn't get DH's name right. Well, they got it correct for the most part, but left out the all important JUNIOR. That's what separates the son from the father.

This month, I also turned a year older. And at this ripe old age of (clearing throat) I finally acknowledged my weight and learned to ebay. What wonderful accomplishments! LOL.

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