Sunday, July 06, 2008

Scrap Jam!

Never before had I seen tickets sell as fast as tickets to Scrapbook Hawaii's and My Little Attic's Scrap Jam. I think as early as May, the tickets had sold out - for a July event! I was just lucky that Candy texted me that Rachelle was about to pay for their tickets, so I texted Rachelle to pay for me, too. If it had been me, it would've taken me a long time to schedule a trip to the bank.

July 5, 2008, Saturday - Rachelle and I car-pooled with Candy. We thought we were early, but when we arrived, we realized that there were people who came earli-ER. They had by 9 am bought most of the scrapbooking stuff off the shelves. I guess I should be thankful for that because I had just brought enough cash to make me happy and not feel so guilty. It's very easy to get overboard when scrap shopping. What with the many goodies that you just gotta have. I am particularly vulnerable about this, because although I had my mind set on what I should and should not buy, I am always tempted by what other scrappers have in their baskets. Yup! I'm like a lemming when it comes to my scrap shopping. If they're buying it, there must be something I'm missing out on and so I gotta have the same, too. Take for instance the white Basic Grey rubons. It's not on my list and I must admit I've seen it countless times before, but when Candy put it in her basket, I had to get one, too. Wishful thinking that I'd create LOs as fine as Candy's? Hmmm....

These are what I bought and wonder of wonders, I am exactly within budget. Thanks to the 25% coupon off one item that our wonderful hosts gave us with our kits.

One of the best parts of going to a scrapping event is a chance to get to know scrappers whom you only meet online. Rachelle and I shared a table with Liezl and Rita of the LB Scrapaholics. I really had fun sharing a table with them because they also selflessly shared their tools, stories, and tips. As Candy would whisper to me later on, she was quite impressed on how Rita and Liezl asked for each other's opinions as they worked through their LOs.

Around 10, we all got busy with Marisa's classes. She prepared several projects for us and I must say they are all something I want to replicate once I get home. I just wish I could recall her instructions. Unfortunately, I didn't take notes because I was busy following along with her, and her gregarious daughter cum assistant, Jian. We made a pretty bag out of cardstock (Sarah immediately lay claim on that one so I have to make sure I make Kahlo a purple one), a CD mini-album using papers from Scenic Route, a beautiful black and white gatefold album, which I didn't finish yet, but will soon (promise).

We had a very filling lunch at our tables (I refused to go back to the shopping room, lest I expose myself to unnecessary temptation, so I was glad when we had another make and take project - lovely card with materials from Melissa Frances. I didn't finish it, too, cause I'd like to use photos that I didn't bring with me. Then we had a Scrap Jam Bingo! This was my first time to participate in a scrapping bingo and I must say it was quite fun. It was made even funnier by Jian's bingo host antics. "I have a very loud voice..." she'd boom as she picked out a number from the envelope. Lucky Cookie, Helga and Christine V. won some prizes that I would have liked in my basket.

And then there was the prerequisite scrap challenge - make an LO with the theme "friend" using Bazzil Basics Fancy Edges, BB Boshers - "is it a button or a washer?", and the Anna Griffin papers that were given us. When I prepared my stuff for Scrap Jam, I prepared my photos, too. I do not always like joining on the spot challenges because I scrap more comfortably at home, surrounded by everything I could possibly need. I also do not scrap well under pressure and within a limit of one hour only. But last night, I decided to go for the whole experience and just have fun. Besides, the challenge kept me away from the shopping area.

My LO didn't win, not that I was expecting to, because many of the best scrappers in Manila were in the room. But I was so happy when my seatmates, Rita and Candy won third place and second place, respectively. My friend, Cookie (so what else is new?) won first place. Woo-hoo...I just felt energized by all the goodwill in Nette's lovely-smelling house (courtesy of Faberge aromatics, I was informed). I was quite satisfied to come home with an LO that I finished in one hour. I didn't even know that was possible. Hahaha.

And then the much-awaited raffle time. At this point, I had not won anything major so I really kept my fingers and legs crossed. There were three draws - one from the pre-orders (prize was an AMM tote bag, which Bea won). The next was the Making Memories carousel (I dropped one coupon there, cause I would've liked to get one for free, even if I didn't really need it). Marian won this. And the last prize was a Quickutz Squeeze with Metro Classic alphabet. My crossed legs must have worked because I won it! Wooo-hoooo!!!! Would you believe me if I tell you that I had a feeling I won when Jian couldn't read the name on the coupon? Hahaha. I always sign my name with two slashes on the L's loop to form a smiley face, and a heart at the end of E. No wonder I confused the poor child. :-)

You'd think that was the end of it, but no. We just had to add more items in our already full kits. At left is a photo of all the free goodies we got just for attending, Before we all left our separate ways, Nette and Marisa had to literally throw extra prizes in the air towards the end. Scrappers scrambled to catch the goodies, some tripping over their humongous scrap bags, thankfully no one was hurt and they just picked themselves up laughing. Some of the stuff even fell into the bowls of dinuguan on the tables but do you think anyone cared? No damage that the ubiquitous baby wipes cannot wipe off. LOL. Everything I brought home still smells like Nette's home. Just brings back more pleasant memories. :-)

And so it was that three, nay, four (Donna hitched a ride with us going home) very satisfied scrappers went home to brag about their loot to their family. Already, we were planning for the next Scrap Jam.

Thank you very much Nenette and Marisa, we all had a blast!


Candy said...

WOW, LEE!!! Your account of what happened yesterday really proves to me that you really are not just a great scrapper, but also a really great writer with an even better memory for all the things that happened (including who won what?!)!!! Ako? Most of the things that happened, happened in a blur. Basta, FUN siya talaga!!! Hehehe,

Maybelle said...

Congratulations, Lee! Your account of the Scrap Jam left me in tears!!! Wah!!!! I couldn't go.... wah!!!!

Alby said...

I was also in tears reading your post. Tears of laughter! How can I forget the goodies that fell into the bowl of dinuguan? Actually, a bowl of leftover dinuguan and some other pieces of food from our table spilled onto the floor when someone - i don't know who - lunged for some of the prizes and pulled the table cloth off the table. Hee hee. That's your very refined scrappers in action. :D I also had so much fun. And envious for you winning that Quickutz Squeeze! Enjoy your toy!

Anonymous said...

hey, lee! save the best for last - COBGRATS!!! I know how much you covet that thingamajig :)

thanks for making kwento, parang andun na din ako! wasn't able to go, since it's mum's surprise party. oh, that one deserves another blog post. more later =wink=

CraftFairy said...

I looked at what you bought - the doodlebug design bottles caught my attention and I went, yipeeee! Then I looked at what's in the bag that Marj gave me this pm and I went, Sugar Coating?! and I went aaaahhhhhhrgh! Di pala pareho. Flock yung sa yo, glitter naman ang andito. Marj said you don't know she's giving you this, too, and I can have it if I want it. Meron pa naman akong mga mini test tubes, hehehehe. pahingi, konti lang, peks man!

Benga said...

wow as in wow, sarap tlga umattend ng ganyang event, un feeling na para kang bata aiming to win the major prize and of course the goodie giveaways!
Congrats in winning! more yummy stash to play with!

Ch said...

Grabe ang galing mo talaga Lee!!!! Hehehe!! Congrats sa Squeeze!! :P That's the power of The Secret.. just think it at mangyayari siya! :D

Sama na ako next Scrap Jam!! :) Looks like it was really fun! :)

Liza said...

hahaha! you guys really had a blast. inggit ako! wow lee, that squeeze was really meant for you ha! galing!

Christine said...

congrats on bagging that awesome prize! it was really meant for you!

it was great seeing you, although we hardly had the chance to chat