Friday, July 25, 2008

Lazy Honors Society

I still remember when I was so excited to have my first Basic Grey layout posted at the BG gallery. It was such a high for me 1) because I almost went mad using those Scarlet Letter papers (LOL); and 2) it seemed a big deal to have an LO accepted at the BG gallery. I haven't submitted anything there for awhile so my name has disappeared from the gallery. But now I am there again with this layout about Diego.

The KiDS' school does not have an honor roll, but Diego is among the top of his class, even if he is just happily coasting along. As a mother, I can't help but think about the possibilities if he only applied himself more seriously. But I guess, as long as he is happy and doing well in school, I should be content. At least I'm not being called to parent-teacher conference.

No doubt about it. You are an extremely intelligent boy. like to read everything except your text books. You enjoy Math but are sometimes too lazy to come up with the solution. You have a talent for writing but you purposely keep your sentences short so you can finish sooner.

When I told your father you take things too easy, he proudly told me you are just like him when he was a boy. Bright and intelligent but never in the honor roll. Lazy Honors Society he called it. In your case, Diego, can we have the honors without the lazy? Love, Mama. 7/23/08

P.S. You know you can do it.

Patterned paper, stickers and diecuts - Basic Grey; Chipaboard letters - Heidi Swapp; Paint - Ranger; Pen - American Crafts; Stamp - Clearsnap; Adhesive - Saunders, Zot, Others - Notebook paper.

I will have to make a confession. As a student, I never really pushed myself, too. And now I wonder about the possibilities, had I really applied myself. I guess I just don't want Diego have these "what-ifs" when he's grown. Well, not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things But you, don't you sometimes think back about things and wonder?


Nita Ang said...

This has to be one of my favorites sa LOs mo. Bagay na bagay sa papel yung topic... at yung mga A+, 6x6=36 and scientific formula na nilagay mo - purrrfffect! Pang-BG gallery talaga ito :D

Roxannee said...

Add my son to that society!!! Great lay out ms Lee

Roxannee said...

Add my son to that society!!! Great lay out ms Lee

CraftFairy said...

I belong to that society also. Can't wait for a reunion, hehe.
Great LO!

Christine said...

congrats on another beautiful BG page!

pigmentations said...

achaflakangvatu! sinabi mo pa. the shoulda-coulda-wouldas.