Thursday, July 03, 2008

Look Who's On TV

Oh, well, there isn't much evidence because it's taking a long time to upload my video capture of Pinky Webb. I simply gave up. But I still want to brag a little.

In just a matter of weeks, ABS-CBN interviewed DH for three different shows.

Last weekend, DH and my MIL and FIL were in "Salamat, Doc." The show featured artistic families. Apparently they don't consider scrapbooking a mainstream art cause I wasn't invited. Hmph.

This morning, DH was in "Umagang Kay Ganda - Saludo Kami Sa 'Yo" segment. Most of the footage were taken in DH's arts studio, and some during the launching of the e-jeepney (electronic jeepney) in Makati last July 1.

And then, this afternoon, DH had to rush to the factory site of the e-jeepney to be interviewed again. This time it's for TV Patrol to be shown on Staurday, July 5. Catch it if you can.

DH volunteered to design the artworks for the e-jeepney project with Greenpeace.

Here are some photos from last Tuesday's launch.

I hope the e-jeepney takes off because it's much more environmentally-friendly and cheaper to operate than vehicles using diesel. These e-jeepneys are now manufactured locally, so the price of a unit is almost the same as the regular gas-driven jeepney.


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