Sunday, April 22, 2007

A short anecdote about My Little Attic

Since MLA was sponsoring the Fancy Pants challenge, I deemed it but proper to buy the papers from them. So I went online last April 13, Friday to order the papers I wanted and the much-touted white uni-ball signo pen. Nette's e-mailed response was quite quick and I asked her if she could send my order to their office in Tektite so I can have my nephew who works at the same building pick it up on Tuesday, April 17. Yes, I was trying to save on the shipping charges. It's small I know, but I can't help but think that's another 2 pieces of PPS. Hehehe.

Our arrangement was quite clear, so imagine my surprise, when on Saturday, after a long and tiring day at my in-laws', I arrived home to find an Air21 package waiting for me. I thought, oh, she must have misunderstood. But then excitement overcame me and I dismissed the minimal shipping fee. I eagerly opened my package and inside was a note from Nette, telling me that she wanted to surprise me and that she was not charging me for the shipping. Oh me, oh my. Such kindness. Such generosity.

I told my DH that was so sweet of Netter but I was also a little embarassed so I told him, "Maybe I should still pay for the shipping. May free papers pa ako. (The few times I've ordered from MLA, Nette sent free papers. I think she does that for everyone.) My DH told me," Accept it for the very nice gesture it is. Mas nakakahiya pag isoli mo. Repay her some other way na lang." I immediately grinned and responded, "Yeah. I should buy more papers." Natawa na lang si DH.

But seriously, this is just one of the many nice things that Nette Madero has done for her clients. And it is much appreciated by many. No wonder she was voted the scrap retailer of the year.

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