Tuesday, January 16, 2007

EB Means Eyeball

When I got started on this hobby, I stumbled upon a group in the web which turned out to be an important part of my growth as a scrapbooker. The Pinoy Scrapbookers turned out to be a great resource, not only for ideas, tips and techniques but for friendships and yes, shopping buddies. The e-group has been around for a long time, since 2001, but has only recently climbed to a record number of memberships.

The group held it's first eyeball or meeting or get-together, last October 2006. You can read co-moderator Sheryl's account here. For a while, there were no general meetings but the exchange of ideas and layouts continued through e-mail. But there was a continuing clamor for another EB and we finally had one last January 7, 2007.

What, exactly happens in these EBs? Is it some secret scrapbookers' society meeting that must be kept hidden from the prying eyes of "struggles" or non-scrapping people, otherwise known as those-who-struggle-to-make-LOs? (Inspired by the word "muggles" or non-magical folk from Harry Potter).

Well, it is a day full of camaraderie, creativity, food, sharing, and fun. So what exactly do we do at these EBs? Watch the video and be inspired. Then join us at www.pinoyscrapbookers@yahoogroups.com. This Pinoy society of scrapbookers is secret no more.

NOTE: Please click on the small square with arrow at the bottom (third icon from the left) to minimize the screen. The resolution will be better.

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