Sunday, February 25, 2007


Thank you to My Little Attic (MLA) for bringing on a challenge that encouraged us to look at ourselves and what we are grateful for.

When Nette Madero, the always gracious owner of MLA, announced the parameters of the challenge last January, I knew immediately what I wanted to create - something about where I am now and how it's not so bad. You see, I recently found myself unemployed. I have been working for 15 years, the last 12 years with an international philanthropic organization. It was the perfect job, made sour only by the commute that I had to endure going to work and back. Because of the traffic situation in Manila I would have to leave the house really early and return home late enough to find my kids already in bed. Some days I was just too tired, I'd just hit the bed, too.

Losing a job. At first I could only think of the derailment in my career and the income that I lost. Thanks to the challenge, I can focus on what I gained instead.

Here is my entry, titled: Job Lost. Joy Found.

Journaling reads:

I lost my job of 12 years five months ago.
For some people, that is not something to be thankful about.
Instead of an 8 to 5 job, I HAVE:
•Time to linger over my eggs in the morning
•Hugs and kisses from my children before they leave for school
•Naps anytime of the day
•No traffic, no rush. Just ME, marching to my own drummer
•Spontaneous lunch dates with my husband
•The pleasure of tucking my children into bed
•No worries about being late for work even if I stayed up all night scrapping and watching TV
•Books that I can finally get to reading
•The luxury of growing my hair long

Materials used:
We R Memory Keepers Restoration PPS - Drapery, Upsholtery Tacks, Jacquard, Bed Linen; Prima flowers attached with faux eyelets; photo corners, acrylic stamps, mini-pop up dots.

The process:
I am a slow scrapper. I let things brew inside my head. Usually, the title and journaling happen first. I always have a small notebook with me to jot down my thoughts. The journaling this time just flowed easily because it's so true. Originally, my working title was Job Lost, Self Found. But then I had a eureka moment while pounding on the treadmill in the gym and it was revised to Job Lost, Joy Found. I thought I would use We R Memory Keepers Diner papers but I knew much still depended on the pictures I will use.

I don't have that many photos of myself, so a photo shoot with my DH was in order. But I wanted a new haircut before the photo shoot (vanity is thy name) which I didn't get around to getting until three nights before the deadline. My DH took my photos the next morning, but then he brought my printer to his office so I didn't get to scrap (or chose not to?) until Tuesday afternoon. I started photoshopping two pictures around 6 pm, six hours before the deadline. When I finally printed out the pics neither went well with the Diner papers which were too bright. I went with the Restoration papers instead, which had a distressed shabby look. After that decision was made came the toughest part: commiting to a sketch. Since I knew I had no time to waste, moving things around endlessly, I took a deep breath and started cutting and adhering. I didn't dare second-guess myself anymore. Finally at around 11:00, I finished and uploaded my LO in the MLA gallery. I missed watching Desperate Housewives, but I felt very satisfied and happy with how the LO came out. It really reflected my thoughts and feelings at this time.

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