Monday, January 05, 2009

Date Movie with DH

What movie do you watch with a Philippine-history buff? What else but Mark Meilly's Baler?

Well, I must admit that there's more to it than that. I've lived with the story of Siege of Baler for years beginning when DH started researching on it for his historical mural now located at the Museo de Baler. And for the past two years, we've attended the celebration of the Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day (June 30) in Baler.

The Siege of Baler is a remarkable story of courage and loyalty amidst war. Watch the movie or at least read my review at my critical (LOL) blog.

Baler Beach

There is something about looking into the past to see where we are going.


the dreamer said...

Question pero mababaw lang. Bakit mestiza si Anne Curtis? Tapos si lalaki ang maitim? May mga mestiza na ba noon?

Grabe, why am I never surprised to know that Toym is involved in such historical projects? Galing!

Love the photo of the three on Baler beach. =)


P.S. Oh and tagged you on my blog. =)

bjay said...

thanks for the history bite. mahina ako diyan pero lagi akong interesante (labo ba?). quite ironic, I live pa in the historic town of kawit!

panalo talaga si toym, mahusay :)