Friday, January 02, 2009

December Recap

Oh well, it's late again, but that's the thing with Decembers, isn't it? You'd think time slowed down during the long holiday break, but no, everything seemed to move in fast forward.

I wasn't very productive scrapbooking wise. I missed Candy's Kaya - I had an idea in mind but wasn't sure how to execute it, and then time ran away from me, and before I knew it, it was the deadline. I was able to manage only one layout. The second of my Christmas layouts. I decided to move my self-imposed deadline for the Family Christmas album from December 25 to January 31. Why? Because to quote Tina Fey, I am the decider!!! Obviously, I spent New Year's Eve and most of the first day of the year watching 30 Rock re-runs.

Christmas was kinda incomplete. We visited my parents in the province last December 24 morning, had lunch with them, then had dinner with DH's parents here in the Metro. Thank goodness there wasn't much traffic. Wee hours of Christmas day, DH had to leave for L.A. on business. So that's were the sadness was coming from. He spent his birthday there and New Year on the plane. He arrived yesterday and with all the goodies he brought for me and the kiddies, it was Christmas once again.

As usual, I gave DH a list of scrapbooking stuff I wanted from Joanns and Michaels, but he diverted once again. He wasn't able to get me everything on my list (they were out of stock) but he got me other things I wouldn't have thought of buying, but I certainly could use. Sayang naman daw kasi, many things were 60% discounted. Love this guy. He even bought Girl Scout papers for my girls and KI puppy papers for Jasper. He must really love me. Either that, or he's saying I should scrap more. Faster even.

So why wasn't there much scrapping? Because there was alot of baking - cookies, cupcakes, more cookies, to give to friends and neighbors. My Kitchen Aid has never worked so hard.

Let me leave you with two Christmas layouts. The spread was for Kaya 19 and will go to our Family Christmas album - a work in progress.

I'm using old photos that have already been printed so I have to work with the available sizes and colors. But that's ok. I'm after writing down our Christmas stories, so the layouts need not be magazine-pretty.


the dreamer said...

Sad nyo naman that Toym had to leave on Christmas Day and spent his birthday away from you. Well, at least Christmas visited your home twice this time around. ;)

I know what you mean about the holidays being so crazy. Feeling namin ni AR ngayon pa lang nag-se-settle down and he even had work today, poor thing.

Even though we were busy buying things and wrapping things, we hardly felt the Christmas spirit this year. =( Sad. And we're just glad the holidays are finally over.

Anyhoo, hope this 2009 will be a wonderful year for all of us! Happy New Year, friend! =)


bjay said...

hey, sis! happy new year!

don't worry about your comment. we've intelligent blog readers out there - I'm too sure they KNOW what you meant. I appreciate the humor in it myself! :)

see ya soon!