Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ninety-Nine Peso Finds

I love going to Book Sale and most other second-hand book stores. I especially love the stores where you get crisp hardbound copies at cheap prices. It doesn't matter that the books are just strewn in a box and you literally have to dive in to read the titles. Nothing like the triumphant feeling of emerging, literary find, in hand.

Found these books at National Book Store (CP Mall), for P99.00 each:

1) God is Dead by Ron Currie, Jr. - I've never heard of the book nor the author, but the title intrigued me. I read a few pages and I couldn't put it back. In the story, God disguises Himself as a Dinka woman in Darfur. He meets Colin Powell. Will tell you where this interesting premise leads as soon as I'm done.

2) A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini - still set in Afhganistan, by the author of The Kite Runner, which I loved.

3) Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman - I have yet to read a Neil Gaiman novel, but I've enjoyed the short stories in Smoke and Mirrors, another collection of shorts.

4) Play Dirty by Sandra Brown - I don't know about you, but sometimes, I have to buy a book just because of its author. I've been reading Sandra Brown books since college and though I've outgrown most of her plots, I still have to buy her books. Heck, for less than a hundred, who cares?

I reserved the following books. I didn't get them yet because I wanted to check the reviews.

1) The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold - I coudn't put her other book The Lovely Bones down, and I don't want to be disappointed, so I thought I'd check first.

2) Saturday by Ian McEwan - again, I was hooked on Atonement, so I'm not sure if this book would be an affirmation of McEwan's greatness or a letdown.

I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready for the lazy days of summer - just reading a good book when the KiDS are taking their afternoon naps.

Note: Photo above are books currently on my bedside table. I have yet to read them. I think there's more under the bed including The Birth of Venus. LOL. Saving all my books for a rainy day...or sunny day, if you will.


Alby said...

Wow, you scored a Neil Gaiman hardbound? I just bought a hardbound copy of Coraline from Fully Booked and I'm hunting a hardbound copy of The Graveyard Book. I've read both already but I want my own copy. Maganda ba yan?

Alby said...

I liked The Graveyard Book. I'm sure your kids will like it too. :D

Maybelle said...

Aaaahhhhh!!! Reading. This is one of the few pleasures that I've been missing. The last I read was the Twilight series. Yes, I finished ALL 4 books in 5 days! Almost forgot I had a family! hahahaha