Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekend Scrap-Away

My scrappy friends and I went on a scrapbooking retreat at Tin's Tagaytay hideaway and we had a blast! A foregone conclusion since we were hosted by Tin and accompanied by the best girl friends anyone can ask for.

Not to mention, all the scrappy doodads a scrapper can ask a genie (Hello, Tin and Mia) to conjure for your scrapbooking pleasure.

I made 20 layouts in two days cause I really got it on with Mr. Mojo. Here I am with Mitch whose scrapping prowess I absorbed through osmosis, on the first day.

Yes, twenty layouts, but I still couldn't beat CV who made 26 layouts, slept for only a few hours each night and who still had the strength to do Jillian Michael's Shred without breaking a sweat. That girl is certifiable.

And here's what Super Scrapper (that's me, faster than an American Craft O, stronger than an UHU glue, able to leap scrap tables in a single bound....) made that wonderful weekend.

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