Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I Want for Christmas...

is a new camera bag! And I have my heart set on this:

Isn't that just beautiful? This stylish bag is from Kelly Moore and I learned all about it from My Organized Chaos. Tammi is giving away one lucky reader's choice of Kelly Moore in her blog.

I will have to tell you that I had the hardest time choosing just one bag. I must have spent an hour watching the videos showcasing the bags' features. I finally had to settle for the Classic bag in cranberry croc. Isn't it gorgeous? And isn't that color Christmassy? Just perfect.

And I want it. Hope I get lucky. Try your luck, too. Visit Tammi's organized chaos.

1 comment:

Ann Bright said...

Wow what a nice camera bag you have. I really liked its color, and I am sure it’s spacious enough to encompass your camera very well along with its different accessories. I am sure you will get this bag soon.

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