Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Personal Shopper

Who can live without them?

Early this year, I resolved that I would finally get scrappin'. Pressure from my DH (dear husband) is mounting. Also, I know that the longer my photos remain in the magnetic albums, the sooner they will deteriorate. It's like an acid time bomb.

But first, I must learn more about the latest trends in scrapbooking. I surfed the net and browsed through endless image galleries for inspiration. Finally, after weeks of relentless research, I came to an iron-clad conclusion: I need more stuff!!! I mean, who can scrapbook without eyelets, brads, ribbons, die cuts, punchers, templates, fibers, wires, beads, stamps, stickers, (add more here as you wish)? No decent scrapbooker should be caught without those. My stacks of paper, scissors, glues, and multi-colored pens are severely lacking. They're not just enough.

As my daughters put it, "I am in paper heaven!"

Enter my blood and scrap sister, Manang Marissa.

Manang Marissa's U.S. address is like a P.O. box for me and my DH. Stuff we order online - amazon.com, e-bay, etc. are shipped to her house. She is cool with that.

But this time, I needed something more. I needed her to actually go to the stores and scour the sales bins for items that I wanted. With her talent and love for scrapbooking, it was no hardship for her. She has an eye for what works and a radar for cheap finds. I'd like to believe she had fun shopping for me. She was able to get me Chatterbox, Memory Makers and Deja Views paper at three for a $1.00. She also got me stamps and stickers at half the original price. She was indefatigable. She shopped up a storm and everything was quite a find.

Stamps and ribbons galore

Each night, she showed me the things she bought by webcam. Thanks to her, I didn't have to be in the U.S. to be able to shop U.S.-style.

Charmed, I'm sure.

I never really thought to fill up a whole balikbayan box, but the many stacks of paper (I also ordered online at Jo-Ann's) took up precious cubic space. Add to that the two books on scrapbooking from Creative Keepsakes (also on sale at around $5 each) and 12x12 sterilite drawers. She also thoughtfully provided me with a box of Frango Mint chocolates - to reward myself with everytime I completed a layout. (That was, of course, the idea.)

Scrapbook paper and chocolates don't mix.

It's like Christmas in the summer.

Some of my friends tease me that they want to borrow my Manang. Sure! But they have to fall in line.

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mai said...

shucks! inggit ako sa scrapping stash mo Lee! andami na! when will i see your lay-outs?