Sunday, August 27, 2006

Scrap Better: ScrapMeet 2

I must have visited all the scrapbooking sites in the world wide web since I got interested in scrapbooking again. Most of the websites are hosted in the U.S and until mid-August, I didn't know that there were any scrap sites based in the Philippines. By serendipity, I clicked the link "Scrapping" from a website that has nothing remotely to do with scrapping and I ended up at My Scrap Works . From there I read that they were going to host a Scrap Meet for scrapping enthusiasts.

Having bought all my materials from abroad and not knowing much about the local scrap scene, I decided to get myself a ticket. I think I must have been one of the last few to nab one. The minute I lay my hands on the ticket, I knew I was going to have a blast.

If the tickets were any indication, I knew I was in for a creative good time.

I was also quite happy to stumble onto, so I anticipated that even if I hadn't been able to convince my dearest friends to accompany me to the ScrapMeet, I knew I wasn't going to be totally alone.

I arrived early enough to be able to register for the activities which had limited slots and to have a leisurely walk around the huge room. Vendors and their wares were set up at two sides of the room. The items they had were enough for any scrapaholic to swoon in excitement.

There were at least nine stores present

There were also tables set up for "zero-to-done" demonstrations. And here was were I spent most of my time. After all, I came here to learn. Reading books and magazines and browsing at websites can only get me so far. I needed to see experts actually putting a layout together. And I wasn't disappointed. I was amazed at the demonstrators' talent and creativity, and their willingness and patience in answering our questions.

Zero-to-done demos

I didn't do much shopping. I have more than enough patterned paper and cardstock to last me several albums. (Speaking of albums, I was lucky enough to win one in the raffle. The major price was an HP Photosmart printer, but since I have that, it was no big loss.) Most of the items for sale were embellishments but I believe these provide the finishing touches. And I don't have any right to buy any of those when I haven't really started yet. I was really tempted to get heat embossing tools though because I was so inspired by the possibilities, as demonstrated by Alidz. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my bank balance), the stores that sell them don't accept credit cards. I only brought so much cash with me to curtail my spending. But I did succumb to getting two border stamps (P385) from Stampin' Grounds and two 59 ml. bottles of bronze and gold paint (P300) from Craft World. I plan to try out stamping with acrylic paint instead of the usual ink pigments. And, ok, five different colored bazill 12x12 cardstock from My Little Attic for P175. A scrapper can never have too much cardstock.

There were other things to do like having your portrait taken by professional photographers in a room fully set up like a studio. I had a blast making out like the next America's Top Model (giggles here). I also had a chance to talk with one of the photographers, Allan, about the advantages of getting a digital SLR. Had a photo of my DD (dear daughter) printed out for free at the HP booth. Sat in on a one-hour lecture on a photo-editing software called PhotoFiltre and Font Management. Mabelle (the owner of and one of the hosts of the event) clearly demonstrated to us the merits of using the software. A free copy of the software was given out as tokens. There was good food from the merienda buffet and good company from fellow scrapping enthusiasts all throughout. I was more than happy to meet some members of pinoyscrapbookers. I could finally put faces to the names of the people I constantly e-mail for tips and advise.

Kudos to the organizers of ScrapMeet2, specially Lala, who showed me where I can buy a ticket. It is good to know that scrapbooking is alive and well in this country. I look forward to the ScrapFest to be hosted by the Scrappin' Moms on September 17, 2006. Hopefully, by that time, I'd have convinced my dearest friends to share this passion with me.

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