Thursday, June 26, 2008

Budget Travel Itinerary

With 3 KiDS and two adults, all paying full fare, there is no other way to travel. If we want to be able to do a lot of sight-seeing or stop at the prerequisite Toys 'R' Us (and of course, Michaels and Joann's for me and Barnes and Noble for DH), we have to find the best bargains in terms of air flights and hotel accommodations. So I'm glad I stumbled on this site which guarantees the lowest hotel rate publicly available on the internet for U.S. hotels.

While we have friends and family in L.A., it's sometimes better to stay in a hotel so we can come and go as we please. Besides, not everyone is ready for my KiDS' rambunctiousness. Planning to stay in Los Angeles hotels seems just the ticket to spare everyone from extreme guest fatigue. :-) I'm sure the KiDS will enjoy visiting the La Brea Museum and Universal Studios again.

I have always told DH how much I enjoyed San Francisco when I last visited, and I'm sure he and the KiDS would, too. I particularly enjoyed the relaxing drives outside the city to Carmel, Monterrey and Tiburon and I would love for them to experience those. Unfortunately, my roommate from college has since moved so we would definitely have to book a San Francisco hotel if we were to visit there.

And who says there's nothing much for children to do in New York? Well, my KiDS are geeks so I'm sure they'll enjoy the museums. Will have to make sure we go on free days, of course. Hehehe. Then there's the zoo in Central Park. We really have to find cheap New York hotels because NYC can be expensive. Maybe I'll visit my old office (well, it's an official landmark that I can showoff to the KiDS) and try to get free lunch from my former bosses. Wink- wink.

Oh, well, all this planning makes me want to go right now, but I know I will get better deals if I pre-book online first. Everything should be planned perfectly. And in the cheapest manner possible. (Must leave money for scrapbooking stuff.)

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marjorie said...

how about a stop in chicago?pleaseeeeee? hehehe..