Friday, May 08, 2009

A Day in a Life

The past few days, the song Seasons of Love from the musical Rent has been a constant refrain in my head. Particularly, the lines "how do you measure, a day in a year..." I know that's because I have recently embarked on a project with friends to take at least one photo a day and share it with them in Flickr.

The group's purpose is to encourage each member to use their cameras and practice their photography skills (such as they are, in my case), as well as have something to draw layouts from. But will this endeavor increase the number of my layouts or just decrease the time I have for scrapbooking? Get back to me on that after a year. :-)

I had to take it two steps further and take at least one significant photo a day and post it in a blog dedicated to this project. If you have the time or inclination, do visit The Armchair Chronicler. Yup, I thought it's a nice touch to have armchair in all my blog titles. Hehehe.

On other news, I'd also like to share with you a layout I made last Sunday when these lovely ladies and I got together at Candy's.

We had fun making Mothers Day cards using stamps and flowers. You can't deny talent. These girls rocked their cards. I won't point out which one is mine anymore. Kakahiya. Hehehe.

Also got to taste Yellow Cab Pizza's Dear Darla (so-called after Darla of the Lil' Rascals cause it's served with arugula and Alfalfa, also the name of the boy who has a crush on Darla.) Hmmm...that confused even me. Anyway, it doesn't compare to C' Italian's panizza but it's good enough for a quick fix.

And despite the fun I was having, I was able to finish a layout about my mom and Sarah.

My Sweet Lola

I finally used the K & Co. papers from Manang Marissa. They're so beautiful I was hesitant to cut them up. Back-to-back pa so I couldn't decide which side to use. :-)

Thanks for reading and have a relaxing weekend everyone. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms!


Maybelle said...

Hi, Lee! Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I couldn't post a comments at the Armchair Chronicler. So dito nalang.... Give me a buzz when you go biking again at the oval. naghahanap ako ng kasama. Btw, is it hubby or FIL who did the presidents' at the shrine? congrats!

Alby said...

Lee, di mo kinuwento ang famous quotable quotes. Haha!!! Are you reserving it for a special post? :D

Benga said...

wow sarap naman ng get together nyo, lovely LO!
Happy Mothers Day!

marking said...

Hi Lee. Looks like you had a fun day. The cards and LO so pretty. Will check out Armchair chronicler

bjay said...

inggit ako! di bale, next time. but I sure enjoyed the crossline kwentuhan sa mobile phone ni alby :)

CHING said...

Bute ka nga Bjay, once ka lang mainggit! Di gaya ko na laging naiinggit, Huhhh!huhhh! As usual Lee, lovely layout !!!
Any planos on June 3 ? See you!

CraftFairy said...

Sweet layout!

MyLittleTeapot said...

WOW! Ang saya nyo naman! And those cards are gorgeous! Love your LO too!