Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back to School

Summer vacation - the days of confused weather - is officially over. Last week, the KiDS went back to school. So that meant waking up at 5:00 in the morning to have them up and running. The days of homework have officially began.

The same is true for me as I decided to pursue further studies at the U.P. DH was encouraging me to enroll in the Creative Writing Masters program but I decided to go for my doctorate in Public Administration instead. I think I must have been temporarily insane.

In Theories of Administrative System, we are required to write one annotated bibliography of a book or an article each week until September 30, 2009. Not to mention the critical review papers and other requirements. That's like making one layout a week for the Scrappin Moms Idol Contest - do or die; pas or fail. Nerve-wracking.

I don't know yet the course requirements for the Seminar on the Administration of Political Development but I am thinking it would be just as heavy. Our visiting professor from Korea kept on telling us that we were an advanced group of students so more was expected from us. Well, maybe, my classmates are in that advanced category seeing that they are Vice-Chancellors of state universities, directors of government agencies, Commissioners, etc. But me, I am just a SAHM and when I was asked where I was connected, I could only say "I am connected to my husband and kids." Having said that I thought to myself that would make a great scrapbook layout.

And in truth, as Professor Kim droned on and on about a class field trip in Seoul at the end of the semester, I was designing layouts in my head. And of course, I was thinking that I should get good photos of the Seoul trip so I can make a mini-album.

Not a very good start I know. But I am hopeful that as my brain adjusts to the intellectual stimulation I would be able to submit reports that are not smudged with paint or put together with glue.

So help me God.


Liza said...

Wow Lee! I really commend you for further pursuing your studies. I've long wanted that kaso lang di ko na naituloy-tuloy. Natabuna na ng scrapbooks! LOL!
Hey, you're not just a SAHM ano, mahirap din ang administration aspect of that job. And it's a 24/7 job. So you are definitely well equipped than your classmates. :D
Good luck on your classes and am sure you'll pass them all with flying colors, and some scrapbook layouts on the side! :D

bjay said...

congrats, sis! you inspire me no end. ako nga naka-2 sems lang sa ateneo regis. ang mahal kasi, pero enjoy talaga :)

goodluck on your classes and teach them how to scrapbook :) hehe.

Cookie Aguilar said...

hi lee!!! wow bilib naman ako sayo!!! I really admire what you did!!! Goodluck at kita kits tayo soon!
Enjoy and have a great time!


Ems said...

Nabuhay ka!!!Spread the scrapping bug to your new classmates ;o) Goodluck!