Friday, June 26, 2009


Unlike last year, there wasn't much discussion this time.

Me: Do you think I should join Idol again?
DH: Wag na...di ba nag-aaral ka na? Concentrate on your studies.
Me: Yun na nga, eh. I might be so focused on my studies I might not have time to scrap. With the challenge, I am forced to make time for at least one layout each week.
DH: Hmmmm....
Me: Uh-hmmm...

And that was that. The next day, the day before the deadline, I sat down to make my layout using this ad inspiration.

I was really supposed to be reading "The Political Heritage: From Wilson to Waldo" but my mind kept wandering to scrapping and so I finally succumbed and came up with this in record time.

My first time to do masking, first time to use KI lace CS, first time to use Adirondack Dabber (made a neat discovery that unlike acrylic paint, if you apply it lightly, any design underneath would still show through), and first time to use Perfect Pearls to put some shine. And oh, look, I used old (circa 2001) photos.

Quite satisfied with the outcome of my scrapping after 3 weeks of drought, I finally focused on my readings. Which I didn't finish before it was time to leave for school, so I was glad classes were cancelled due to Typhoon Feria. Yipee! More time to scrap and since mojo was up, finished two more layouts.

I've been joining Idol since its first season. I can still remember the stress I went through, especially the first time. It got better last season although it was still a bit stressful. And now. I can't believe I'm planning to use the Idol competition to de-stress. Isn't that ironic?

I invite you to view the participants' gallery here. Lots of new faces and some old ones too. And as usual, awesome work.


Liza said...

Lee, I really love that layout you created! And let me just tell you how happy I am seeing you again for the 3rd time joining the Idol. Kakaiba talaga this year and I feel proud seeing you join us again. Promise! :D

Mia Castrillo said...

Dapat ganun naman talaga eh, pang de stress and relax ang scrapping. Take the challenges as what it is --- challenges. I'm sure you'll do well this year. :D Good luck!

MyLittleTeapot said...

Hi Ms. Lee!

I was very happy to finally meet you last Saturday. Sarap mo pong kausap. I wish you all the luck sa Idol. hope we can make it sa finals!


CraftFairy said...

I love this LO!