Monday, July 13, 2009

Alphabet Soup

I just uploaded my Kaya entry. Thanks to Roxannee for the challenge. I think this is the first time I used mixed alphabets in my layout. While I have tried mixed fonts in my title, this is the first that I tried the same technique per word. I did color the word "blue" with different shades of blue for some kind of unity.

Here's the full layout. I was inspired by a sketch by Becky Fleck, but used two instead of just one photo.

A close up of my two of my THREE journaling spots which read:

DH bought me this bike so we can share a hobby. I'm glad that after 12 years of marriage, he still wants us to do things together. I'm not a confident biker and I try his patience but we still have fun and keep fit together. (5/1/2009)

I used to have a red bike in the 1980s. I rode it at the athletic field in front of our house. I loved the speed and the wind in my hair. Now, on my blue bike, I feel like a kid again.

Blue bike = P3,075.00
Dinner at Shopping Center = P250.00
Biking in U.P. = free and priceless!

I had a lot to say, so at the back of my layout, I added more journaling. That's two more pages of a small notebook, back to back. I'm putting more premium on journaling these days. I was specially inspired by this man. I am not sure I will be doing another layout about my bikes anytime soon. And doing this layout unleashed a deluge of memories that I just had to write them down before I forget them.

Notice that stamp on the upper right-hand corner? All my layouts have this - it provides info on the date of the photo, place it was taken, who are on the photo and their ages (while I may have the date as part of the layout, I don't want to be counting years and asking, "how old were they here?"), and the date I finished the layout. The date of my journaling is usually at the end of the journal.

Really, the back of your layouts (even if they have "holes" like mine) is precious real estate, for things you want to add but can't accommodate in the overall design. You can also put a pouch for extra photos, ephemera, souvenir items, CDs, here. Cool, isn't it?


LG said...

Great take ms. lee! Love how you've mixed those alphas. Galing!

Mia Castrillo said...

Great idea on using the back for more journaling and info! Hmmm... magawa nga. What was your stamp, pala, and where did you get it? :D

Rowee said...

Wow Lee!!! Super priceless ang LO!!! ikaw b yang nasa pix sa bike? Sexy ah!!! I also like the photos you used! Talagang pg tinignan mo ang photo it brings back happy memories.


Alby said...

Love the idea of using the back of your layout. I sometimes scribble on the back using a pencil, just so I won't forget the materials I used. A pocket for additional journaling plus the photo info are brilliant. I should try that in my future layouts. Thanks for the inspiration Lee!

Liza said...

Love the new layout Lee. It's always more endearing remembering things shared with our hubbies. And I definitely LOVE the idea of that stamp for the layout/photo details. That's the one thing I keep on forgetting to do. Thanks for the tip!

bjay said...

ay gusto ko ang idea na'to! wagi, winner!

I usually kasi handwrite lang the dates, etc... magaya nga :)

wait, I have to find the perfect stamp first! haha, arte ko.

iris said...

Love this Lee! Everything looks perfect. Ganda rin ng photo!