Saturday, July 04, 2009

Gone to Pieces

Week 1 Challenge at ScrappinMoms Idol Season 3 - Paper Piecing. There was a bit of confusion about that at first because some people thought it was Paper PIERCING. I was so "huh?" when my friend, Candy, told me she hates it because her hands were sore for days after doing a project. I wondered what she had been piecing to make them so. There were also some who thought it to be the same as cutting out patterns from paper and layering them to form a new embellishment. An honest mistake especially now that making sceneries in layouts is so popular.

So anyway, I knew right away that I would do a layout about my KiDS' obsession with Pokemon. I searched in the internet for patterns but didn't find any. I decided my best option was to xerox a Pokemon coloring book to use as templates. So when we went to the mall on Saturday afternoon, I xeroxed several copies of the word Pokemon, Butterfree (my concession to having a butterfly in my layout) and of course, that yellow electrifying cutie - Pikachu. I also bought a pack of Pokemon trading cards for the silver and gold coins that I thought would look great on my LO. (I didn't use them in the end, but I did use the box they came in and the Mewtwo Pokemon card which neither of my KiDS had in their collection. I thought it's fairer for all of them if I just added it in my layout. That decision may have averted a full-scale Pokemon war at home. LOL.)

Sunday evening, I started doing my title, which had 3 layers of colors, dark blue, violet and yellow. I only finished the bottom layer. Monday was busy so I only got to work on the letters P,O, and K. I had classes on Tuesday (wrote the journaling while my professor droned on and on about the bourgeiosie). I spent Wednesday studying and writing an annotated bibliography. Just trying to make sense of what I was reading took all my brain power, such that before I headed off to class at 5 pm, I had a pounding headache. It was so bad I had to take an Advil.

Got home at around 9 pm, had a late dinner and fell fast asleep. I woke up at 1:30 am and started working on my layout. Cutting was really quite a mindless task that I actually felt relaxed. Before I knew it, I was assembling my paper pieces. I have to thank Kokoyu Dot and Roller for making adhering so easy. I also chose just one patterned paper so I wouldn't get stressed trying to layer. By the time I was finished, it was time to wake up my KiDS. Surprisingly, I wasn't feeling sleepy or tired at all. At 6:30, I happily sent off my KiDS to school and my entry to the Scrappin Moms.

The gallery has many other amazing entries, but I want to highlight this one:

Candy took paper piecing to the next level and made this mosaic. No wonder her hands hurt! That girl is crazy to the max. And I mean that in a very nice way.

BTW, I made it to the next round and now I have to "Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle" in between tons of reading, another annotated bibliography and working on a website consultancy project. If I could just Refuse....

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