Sunday, June 03, 2007

40th Birthday

Well, this video by a family favorite just about sums it up. Please click here.

Woke up to the lively chorus of The Birthday Song from DH and the KiDS. Lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles before I could even make it out of the bed. Headed off for lunch at Casa Gracia (my MIL's house). We had a belly-filling lunch of sugpo, liempo, pusit, buko salad and mango cream pie. Around 4 pm we headed off to explore the latest Ayala Mall - TriNoma. DH and I had a guessing game as to what trinoma meant. Three what? Turns out TriNoma stands for Triangle North of Manila. I wonder how long it took the staff at ALI to coin that word?

Trinoma is huge and confusing. We had to stop and ask several security guards where we can park. All the parking lots were full. We just walked around, (I can't believe the number of people there) until we spotted our favorite stores, conveniently located right next to each other - Toys 'R' Us and Powerbooks. We spent some time at both stores. And then since it's my birthday, I got to choose which restaurant to eat in. But bearing in mind the KiDS' happiness, (I think it will always be like this when you're a parent), I chose Jollibee and was met with "yeahs" and "Happy Birthday, Mommys." (The KiDS only call me "mommy" when they're feeling especially affectionate.) Besides, DH and I already had dinner buffet at Alba's Spanish Restaurant. They always send us complementary dinner certificates on our respective birthdays. So you can say we eat at Alba's every six months. Haha.

Like Spongebob says, this is the best day ever!

PS - thanks to all those who sent me warm birthday greetings on this day. Mwah!

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