Monday, June 25, 2007

She Tagged Me

Au tagged me, and now I'm supposed to share seven random facts about myself.

1) I am married to a painter/sculptor. The first time people learn that, they invariably ask four questions:

a) Are you an artist, too? When asked by other artists I answer, "No, I'm just the wife." For non-artists, my standard answer is, "No, I'm the left brain of this operation." Recently, I've been thinking of changing my line to "No, but I scrapbook."

b) He must be very moody, how do you live with that? Contrary to popular belief, not all artists are temperamental. And lucky for me, my DH is the least moody person I know.

c) So who among your children are showing signs of being artists? I don't subscribe to the idea that children should inherit their parent's predilections. But like my paternal grandfather used to sing to me when I was a child, que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

d) You must have a very beautiful house filled with artworks. Nah...sorry.

2) I love to travel. After graduation, I spent a year travelling Asia and the US. I have been to Europe but there are still many countries left to explore. Right now, my priority is to go around the Philippines with my family.

3) I had dreams of becoming a professional writer. I entered U.P. as a Journalism major. My Filipino teacher that time, Rene O. Villanueva, told me I was in the wrong course. That if I wanted to write I should have enrolled in Literature or Creative Writing. So on my second year, I shifted - to Economics. Then I took my Masters in Public Administration. So what do those courses have to do with writing? Nothing. But they sure paid the bills. :-) Recently I had dinner with a couple of friends who share eight Palanca awards between them, and I asked. I want to write, what should I do? They answered, dapat chismosa ka. (You should be nosy.)

4) I love to eat but I can't cook. I even enrolled in Heny Sison's Essentials of Cooking (21 Saturdays of fine dining lessons) where I confirmed to myself and my husband that I don't like cooking. (But I discovered that I love baking.) During our grauation, we prepared a full-course meal for our guests. When I served my DH, I whispered to his ear, "Don't get used to this. It is never going to happen again."

5) I love reading. I will read anything I lay my eyes or hands on. Even if a book is really bad, I would read it to the end, hoping that it will redeem itself sooner or later. I can't say that there is a book that changed my life (I think it will take more than a book to do that) but there are books that I really related to and made perfect sense during particular moments in my life.

6) I have been a TV addict since Sesame Street and The Electric Company. I swooned over Remington Steele and MacGyver. I was a big Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan. Right now, I am loving the thrill of Prison Break seasons 1 and 2. I tell the days of the week by what is showing on television.

7) I love movies. I used to be an MTRCB deputy and I was able to watch all the movies I wanted for free. But much as I love the movies, I wait in trepidation when the movie moguls decide to make movies out of my favorite books. Thankfully, The Lord of the Rings adaptation lived up to the movie in my mind or there would have been Mordor to pay.

Now I am supposed to tag seven other people. If you read this entry, consider yourself tagged. :-)

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