Sunday, July 01, 2007


I think I jinxed my would-be streak when I wrote "A Good Start" because those LOs were it for me for the month of June. I can claim that I've been busy running after the KiDS, taking care of housework and officework. But recently, I've just been beset by unbearable ennui.

My article about my first anniversary scrapbooking is still percolating in my head. But not enough to actually make it on paper. I hope I will be able to write it down later. I tried to cure my listlessness with shopping for new papers, but evidently that didn't work. I've taken photos of my "sins" to blog about and the files lie deep in my computer. Untouched since the day I uploaded them.

I missed joining two challenges - Working Moms and Scrappinmoms' Man of the Hour - and strangely enough, I don't feel like I missed anything. Frankly, it was very hard to be inspired by the Cherry Arte papers I got. Purple with gold - on all three patterned pieces I had.

No magazine or book could pull me out of my lassitude. So today, in an attempt to be interested and inspired again, I moved all my stuff (which have been lying around neglected) back to my scrap room in the third floor. I am hopeful that the move will jumpstart my creativity and release me from this tedium.

Let's hope that this July the passion will be back.


janujennifer said...

I could relate to that. My month of June wasn't as productive as other months, even if I finished three layouts. I hope the coming month will be greater.

the dreamer said...

Lee dear -- Hay naku, proud na proud si Nita calling your "ennui" na "na-ni-Nina" ka lang".

Pero I can so totally relate. Sad thing is, it's really a process you have to go through.

Just think of it as a welcome break to gather your creative juices again. Kumbaga, as Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way put it, "think of creativity as a well. You can't keep taking from it. You have to nourish yourself and fill up your creative well again."

Kaya KAYANG-KAYA malampasan yan, pun intended.

We're here if ever you just need to vent. =)


leira said...

i can totally relate.. im in a scrapbooking rut.. i shop and shop pero di ako makaproduce ng LO. my last LO was an LO that i did for the JUNE Pinoyscrapbookers blog na di ko naman naisali.i know it will be better but i hope it will be soon.