Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My MIL Went to the U.S. and Here Are What She Brought Me

My mom-in-law was in New York and L.A. for two weeks recently to attend the graduation of her second son from grad school and for some R&R. I immediately seized the opportunity to use her as my personal courier. I ordered some items online and had them shipped to our family friend in L.A. so she can bring them back with her. She arrived last Sunday night. I was never more excited to pick someone from the airport than I did her. :-)

Here's what's in my box:

Scrapbooking books from my younger brother, Nani.

Acrylic stamps from college roommate, Mitch.

DCWV paper packs and corner adorner stamp from my sister Marissa.

Cuttlebug, dies and embossing folders and PC Silent Setter from our family friend.

Two pairs of loafers from my MIL.

Making Memories books from www.thescrapbookclub.com - $21.63
Autumn Leaves and Sassafrass Lass stamps, American Craft rub-ons from www.amillionlittlethings.com - $97.78
Paper stacks from www.joanns.com - $47.98
Cuttlebug machine and accessories from www.creativexpress.com - $160.87
Using other people's credit cards - PRICELESS

I can't wait to play with my new toys. Now if I could only find the time between child care, homeworks and house work, I would be one happy scrappy mommy.


janujennifer said...

wow...cool new toys! i love that listing of expenses and putting "priceless" at the end -- mastercard? i planned to do that sa blog ko about the garage sale, kaso nakalimutan ko, naalala ko na lang nung na-post ko na, tinamad na ako i-edit. hehehehe...

yung blog ko may sira, i cannot put a title in my entry. bakit kaya?

anyway, i miss you na!

C70 said...

Uy, Lee!!! Dami nyan, ha! You're so lucky to have so many gifts from friends and family, and instant gratification to boot! =) my dad kasi only sends out my stuff about twice a year :(

have fun with your new loot! those loafers really look cute!

Ch said...

Wow Lee!! Daming goodies! Heehee! Oh no I hope you don't have the set of flourishes I bought you. It's Rhonna Farrer's "Elegant Flourishes" and so far hindi ko naman nakita sa pic.. hehe!

And I'm not sure if I can go to the EB kasi I have to be somewhere on Sunday.. :( - CH

Lee i. said...

Jenn - kelan ka pasyal sa bahay - scrap tayo! Christine, di pa din kita mapapantayan sa dami ng stuff. Not that I'm aiming to have as much stuff as you. Baka itakwil ako ng asawa ko. Haha. CH, nope, I made sure I didn't order swirls or flourishes cause that's what I asked you to get. Was looking forward to your stories sa EB. Maybe we could get together some other time? Thank much.

Mai said...

Hi Lee - wala pa ba yung box ng sis mo na kasama yuung die cutter ko?

aireescreates said...

Hi Lee! Thanks for droppin by my blog. Daming goodies a! Im sure you're cooking up some new LOs na. Will definitely watch out for it. :)

Nita Ang said...

EEEEeeeehhhh.... andidito na Cuttlebug nya! At nagsama pa ng mga maraming kamag-anak at kapitbahay. Ang saya-saya :D Type ko yung mga books mo ah (wink-wink). At nagdagsaan ang mga stamps - goody-goodie (sabay kiskis ng palad). Ang bait naman ni sis at little brother, o di kaya brinaso mo sila ha? Pero ang gaganda ng mga papel mo... type ko yang Once Upon a Time na yan. Byutipul stuff - tara, scrap together na tayo! :D

Au Lim said...

yeyeyey! FRIEND! ang gaganda ng books and stuff mo!...kelan nga tayo magkikita [evil laughter pero angelic look] MISS na rin KITA e...heheheh

symbelly said...

thats a lot of toys and goodies.
pag ako ikaw, grabe, i'd be jumping up and down and insanely happy.
everything is so nice.

happy scrapping. i'm sure you'll be able to find time to scrap.