Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Boy Who Reads

He reads! Finally, I got my nine year old, fourth grader to actually read a book. Well, he does read, but so far, it's K-zone magazines, Pokemon books, science books and almanacs. (The boy has a highly-retentive memory and beginning at five years old, he spouts out facts and trivia that he has read.) I would love to instill in him a love for reading like his Papa and I have. I've been so excited for him to get started on chapter books. Last year, I bought him books by Enid Blyton (because I remember I read these when I was in grade three, but he got bored.) I tried to get him to read Harry Potter but he said, "What for? I've seen and will see the movies anyway." I think our outing last Saturday had a positive effect on him. Such that, he was the one who said he will read all the Harry Potter books. He started reading The Sorcerer's Stone last Sunday. He is now on the third book "The Prisoner of Azkaban". Who knows, maybe when he comes home from school today, he would have already finished it. He made himself a bookmark listing all the Harry Potter books and he is ticking them one by one. He is happy, and so is Mommy. Money well spent, these Harry Potter books. LOL.

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