Friday, July 06, 2007

Lee needs...

Saw Jen do this in her blog and decided to try it. Here's how it goes: Google your name and the word "needs," all in quotation marks (ie: "Lee needs"), then share the funniest hits. You can also try to using "loves" or "wants" instead of needs. Made me laugh and forget my problems for awhile, so much so that I did more than the prerequisite ten.

Lee Needs To Get A Life!
Lee Needs Some LOVE.
Lee needs to quit the PC.
Lee needs to be better prepared for next opportunity.
Lee needs more personal appearances so she can gain more fans who love her.
Lee needs to step things up for Pitt (Brad Pitt? Sure!)
Lee Needs To Go.
Lee Needs Your Help!
Lee needs to take care of this thing.
Lee needs to solve its offensive woes soon.
Lee Needs Prayer!
Lee needs to work on attracting bigger corporations.
Lee needs a special session to save his ass!
Lee needs to muster the political courage and vision to tackle these issues.
Lee needs rest.
Lee needs to hear the truth.
Lee needs a date book?
Lee Needs More Plastic Surgery.
Lee needs to mix it up and be more creative with her word choices.
Lee needs to raise a lot of money to help a friend in need.
Lee needs sleep!
Lee needs no comment.
Lee needs more time, or should be given more time.
Lee needs now to be better than everyone else.
Lee needs more support. (a maid and a cook oughta do it).
Lee needs to relax.
Lee needs to learn how to shop for food.
Lee needs to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time.
Lee needs a change.
Lee needs work.
Lee needs close relationships with people outside of his physical family.
Lee needs to concentrate.
Lee needs to face the facts.
Lee needs to accept Jesus Christ as his savior. ...
Lee needs to die.

I could have gone on and on, but I do NEED to get on with my life.

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Au Lim said...

Hahahaha...this really got me laughing! Must try too...